Product: Works Connection Bike Armor

Price: $6 – 165 (depending on part and application)
Contact:   (530) 642-9488 or www.worksconnection.com


            If you ride dirt bikes, you crash. It just comes with the territory. If you’re a serious rider who constantly pushes your limits, you might crash a lot. Hitting the dirt can be expensive. Injuries to body and bike are often the result. Broken bones and torn ligaments can put your riding on hold. Likewise, cracked radiators and smashed brake calipers can send you to the truck prematurely. There are countless companies who manufacture protective gear for your body. Works Connection makes protective gear for your bike.

            Starting at the top of the bike, the northern California manufacturer has designed one of the toughest and most functional clutch perches available. The lever has ball bearings in the posthole to keep the action smooth. The billet aluminum clamp is made tough, has a plastic sleeve that helps it spin on the handlebars in case of a crash and is red-anodized for that factory look. The unit is graced with a quick adjust dial that lets you compensate for clutch fade during long rides. All in all, it’s one of the best investments you can make in terms of preventative care.

            One of Works Connection’s most popular products is their radiator braces. They are hardly noticeable when installed between the tank shroud and radiator, but the added strength and rigidity that they provide can keep the radiator from being smashed when your bike goes down on its side.

            Works Connection’s frame guards serve a dual purpose. When installed on your frame, just above the foot pegs, they protect the finish on the frame, preserving the “newness” of the bike. The guards also provide a smooth surface where riding boots come in constant contact with the motorcycle and drastically reduce the chances of your boots snagging on anything while riding.

            There’s no need to explain why skid plates are important on today’s MX bikes and it suffices to say that Works Connection makes the toughest and most widely used units on the market. Their “Factory” bike stands feature a built in tool tray and can be seen in the pits of most factory race teams.

            Works Connection produces several other high quality components for dirt bikes. From oil filler caps to aluminum throttle tubes to brake caliper guards to the brand new EZ Holeshot device, they have the tools to help you ride better and longer. One look at the quality and ingenuity built into the entire product line makes it obvious why most of the top MX and off-road racing teams in America have Works Connection hardware all over their bikes.

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