Product: M2R Revelation X Helmet

Price: $215.00
Contact: www.m2rhelmets.com or your Parts Unlimited dealer

Letís face it; dirt bike helmets are just plain cool. No other piece of equipment protects a more valuable part of your body or allows you to express your individuality and style like a helmet. These reasons are what lead most riders to spend more money on helmets than anything else, short of their bikes. With so many advancements being made in the industry, the quest for the perfect lid has become more complicated than ever.

            Just when you thought there wasnít room for another helmet manufacturer, M2R hit the scene in a big way. When they announced a team of riders that includes Ezra Lusk, Stephane Roncada, Brock Sellards, Damon Huffman, Justin Buckelew and Heath Voss, I figured that it was my duty to give them a closer look. I decided on the economical Revelation X model with the Grant Langston paint job.

            First impressions mean a lot and the Revelation X made a good one. When I pulled it out of the box for the first time, I was simply amazed. The colors were exceptionally vivid and the graphics seemed very well done. The thing that really got me was the weight. This is the lightest helmet that I have ever owned, but itís also one of the least expensive. Not bad. I have to be honest with you about something, though. The shape is a little different. Basically, when you put it next to most other brands, the M2R shell is quite a bit larger. Luckily, you donít notice when you put it on.

            When discussing helmets, nothing really matters until you get them on the track. The fit of the M2R is unlike any other, but not in a bad way. I donít know how to explain the feel except to say that itís different. Once you get moving, though, you quickly get used to the design and the fit feels natural. Whenever I try a new helmet, venting is a big part of my evaluation. The temperatures are over one hundred degrees in the summer where I live, so Iím happy to report that the Revelation X does an admirable job of moving fresh air across your dome. In fact, I would rate the airflow and noise levels as high or higher than any others I have ridden with. The only complaint that I have is that the Revelation X lacks any sort of snap or clip to secure the end of the chinstrap. The interior liner is washable and fully removable. 

            Leaving price out of the equation, I would rate the Revelation X as one of the top five helmets on the market. It is undoubtedly the best you can get in the two hundred dollar range. The fit and finish, comfort, practicality and LIGHT, LIGHT WEIGHT, make it a canít-miss purchase. Plus, the Langston replica that I bought is so bright that it makes it really easy for my buddies to find me when I crash! Bonus.


            Eddie Graveline

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