On the following pages, you’ll find an eclectic mix of music. It’s not necessarily the latest releases and it’s definitely not all the same style. You’ll find a lot of “punk”, some “metal”, a little bit of “classic rock”, some “soul” and a few albums that don’t fit into any particular category. This is just some of the stuff that the MP crew likes to listen to . You’re not guaranteed to like it and we’re not really qualified to do music reviews. If nothing else, you might discover something new.


Caviar-”Self Titled”. This is a very different and unique sound. Features the 2000 hit “Tangerine Speedo”. Imagine a cross between REM, Lit, David Bowie and AC/DC and you might come up with something close. There really isn’t any other group to compare CAVIAR to. Just get the CD and check it out. It’s cool. You can get more info at www.caviarmy.com

Fenix-Tx-”Self Titled”. This is another debut release. This is the latest in the new wave of punk rock that is surrounding the whole alternative sports genre. Features the hit “Everything’s my fault” and some other good ones that you probably haven’t heard. “Minimum Wage” is a cool track. Check them out at www.fenixtx.com for more information.

MXPX-”Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo”. If you like the sound of classic ‘80s punk, you’ve got to check out MXPX. One of the the best things about this band is that they’re lyrics are well thought out and have a message. The listening experience is very positive and upbeat. Go to the official MXPX website to learn more about the band and their other albums.

The Offspring-”Conspiracy of One”. What can I say? This is just another solid release from one of the biggest punk bands on earth. Features hit tracks like “Original Prankster”, “Want you bad” and “One fine day”. The CD is multi-media formatted and has some video clips to check out on your computer CD-ROM. This is a must have for Offspring fans and anyone who enjoys their brand of music. I rate it higher than their last release, “Americana”. More info at their website.

Social Distortion-”White Light, White Heat, White Trash”. These guys have been there since punk rock was born in the early 80s. Mike Ness and the boys just keep getting better with age. This album features hits like “I was wrong” and “Don’t Drag Me Down”. I flat out love this group. If you have any taste for punk rock at all, Social D is a must and this particular album should be in your collection. Check out their website too.

Kottonmouth Kings: “High Society”. I have to admit that I need to be in the right mood to listen to this one. When I want to hear some grungy honkey rap, though, this will do. It would be cool if they could come up with at least one song that was about something other than smoking weed, but hey, you can only expect so much. You’ve probably heard their song “Bump” on the radio. It’s not on this album, but if you like it, you’ll like this one.

Marcy Playground: “Self Titled”. This band has a predominately mellow sound. It probably would be labeled as nerd rock, but it’s pretty unique. Their lyrics are thoughtful and different. This album, which is the band’s debut, features the smash hit “Sex and Candy”. Other tracks like “A Cloak of Elvenkind” and “Sherry Fraser” were not released, but are really cool. Check it out when you’re feeling laid back and needing something different. Check out their website too

Red Hot Chili Peppers: “Californication”. These guys keep outdoing themselves and it’s amazing. This 1999 album features a ton of hits that are still forces on playlists accross the country. “Around the World”, Parallel Universe”, “Otherside” and “Californication” have arguably become classics already. Add that to the fact that Anthony Kiedis has some of the baddest tatoos in the biz and you can’t lose. This should be on your rack. Get it. Check in with Flea and the boyz at www.redhotchilipeppers.com.

Social Distortion: “Live at the Roxy”. Live albums usually suck, but this one don’t. It features a slew of hits including “Mommy’s Little Monster”, “I Was Wrong”, “Ball and Chain”, “Prison Bound” and “Don’t Drag Me Down”. It’s packed. This was recorded at The Roxy down in Hollywood. One nice feature is that Mike Ness included notes about the writing of each song on the album. The album covers songs from as far back as 1980 all the way to 1995. Check it out at their website too.

The Offspring: “Americana”. This is the 1998 album that followed “Ixnay on the Hombre”. It features several released tracks like “Pretty Fly (for a white guy)”, “She’s Got Issues” and “Why Don’t You Get a Job?”. As usual, the songs feature witty lyrics and a hysterical, non-conformist attitude. The jacket features cool cartoon work too. Get more info at the band’s website.

KISS: “You wanted the best, You got the best”. This is a greatest hits album that the band released when they reunited and put the makeup back on in 1996. If you grew up in the late 70s, you had to love these guys. If you never saw them live, you missed out on one of the greatest acts of all time. This album features all the best hits with better sound than the original recordings. Includes “Rock and Roll All Night”, “Beth”, band commentary and more. More info at the website.

Long Beach Dub Allstars: “Right Back”. These guys were on the Warped Tour in 2000 and they’re awesome. Their style is a mix of reggae,metal and rap. They feature horns and a DJ in addition to the usual rock band pieces. You may have heard “Rosarito” or “Trailer Ras”, but you need to check this album out. Great tunes for kicking back and BBQing with your friends. This is one band whose look doesn’t match their sound. Learn more at their website.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: “Pay Attention”. This is the first release of the new millenium for the Boston kings of SKA. It is a solid album that represents a sound that has gotten better with age. They’ve mellowed since they hit the scene in the early 90’s, but musically they’re more complete now. This album features the mega-hit “So Sad to Say”. To learn more, visit their website.

Pennywise: “Straight Ahead”. How could a band this awesome not be played on the radio? At least not where I come from. These guys kick butt and this album is one of their best. “My Own Country”, “Victim of Reality” and “Alien” are some great tracks off of this 1999 release. Perhaps more than any other band, Pennywise is the sound of Motocross. You need this album. Check them out at www.pennywisdom.com.

Zebrahead: “Playmate of the Year”. Released in 2000, this album was a pleasant surprise to me. Of course “Playmate of the Year” was a big hit, but the rest of the songs are pretty good as well. The songwriting is absolutely hilarious if you listen. “Livin Libido Loco” and “I’m Money” are particularly amusing. These guys have no problem laughing at themselves. Check em out at www.zebrahead.com.

Mike Ness: “Cheating at Solitaire”. Social Distortion lead man Mike Ness released this solo album in ‘99. The one song that did really well was “Don’t Think Twice”, a Bob Dylan cover. This album features a lot of country influence as well as some 80s glam styling. The more you know about Ness, the more this sound will surprise you. It’s definitely well done and a must for true music lovers. The artistic level is very high here. Visit Ness at his website.


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