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 "Saturday, January 8 "

  • Anaheim Express: After taking the summer off (no lights), the Madera Fairgrounds track is back open for business. It has a fun new layout that let's riders open the throttles a little more, but still plenty of tight stuff too. Round 4 of the CMA Anaheim Express series was held out there. Check the story and photos out here.
  • Bounty Hunter Finals: After more than 5 months, the Bounty Hunter series came to a close in a blowout weekend in Madera. There was an awards banquet on Sunday night, but before that, Saturday's race was held on the infield of the Madera Speedway (car track). The pro turnout was awesome and the main event had something of a surprise winner. Read Saturday's coverage here. Then, on Sunday morning, all of the sportsmen got together and finished the thing off with a race at the regular Madera Fairgrounds track. Check out our Sunday finals coverage here.

 "Saturday, December 4 "

 "Sunday, October 17 "

One of Cen-Cal's most dedicated racers was lost in a tragic riding accident last weekend. Jeremy was a promising Intermediate and was taken much too early. All of us in the racing community extend our sympathies to Jeremy's family. Our hearts and prayers go out to you. He will be missed.

"Photo-Brent Bowser"

 "Sunday, October 17 "

  • Napster/Factory Connection: The Factory Connection Honda team has landed another solid "outside" team sponsor. This time, digital music leader Napster has signed on to support LaRocco, K-Dub and the boys. Read the official press release here.

 "Monday, October 11 "

 "Saturday, October 9"

  • Dominator Finale: The last weekend in August was a busy one out at the Hanford Fairgrounds. There was a Dominator TT race Friday night, which we have coverage of here. Then on Saturday, the final round of the Dominator MX series went out with a bang. We've got full results, plus photos from that one right here.

 "Thursday, October 7"

  • Alessi's Bounty: Just one week after his difficult national debut, Mike Alessi showed up for round 7 of the CMA/Clawson Motorsports Bounty Hunter series in Hanford. He was met by Daniel Sani, Michael Young, Jeremy Chaussee, Josh Cox, Casey Hinson and a host of other fast pros and Intermediates. Read the story and look at the photos right here.
  • Dominator TT: Check out what a young novice class rider by the name of Dennis Trentman pulled off at a TT in Hanford. Apparently, dusting the rest of the novices wasn't good enough. He beat the Intermediates that were out there at the same time too. Story and photos here.

 "Saturday, September 25"

  • Dominator Series: The Dominator motocross and TT series both hit their stride in mid-August. The action got as hot as the weather. We were out for round 2 of the TT series, which you can check out here. The next night saw round 4 of the MX series go off in Hanford. As always, there's a story along with results and photos for you right here.

 "Thursday, September 23"

 "Tuesday, September 7 "

  • MP Update #85 -- The Return of the Snail-Don’t smack your monitor with a stapler because this is not a technical error. MP Updates are finally back after more than a year off! At this point, going down my long list of excuses for slacking probably won’t earn any points…so I’ll give you the short one.

 "Monday, September 6 "

  • USGP: It looks like Moto GP road racing is finally coming back to the States. What's even better is that Laguna Seca will be home to the United States Grand Prix for the next 5 years. This is huge, huge news for road racing in America. To learn more, read the official press release here.

 "Tuesday, August 31"

 "Saturday, August 21"

 "Saturday, August 7"

  • 2005 Supercross Schedule: The full THQ/AMA/World Supercross schedule has finally been released. A couple of rounds have disappeared from the schedule, while fans in Seattle and Florida will have something to smile about again. The 2 World rounds will be held on the same continent this year as well, so you can count on much higher participation from the big boys. Enjoy the championship Voss, because this year is going to be tough. Take a look at the complete schedule right here.
  • Gang Bangers: The Sierra Chapter of the Over the Hill Gang held a race at Madera's Little Okie Raceway. We decided to go out and witness gang related activity for an evening and had a great time riding with all the ripe old racers. Check out the race report, results and some photos here.

 "Wednesday, July 28"

 "Sunday, July 25"

  • Bounty Hunter-Hanford: The Bounty Hunter series took a mere 6 days off between round 3 and 4 of the motocross series and a whole 7 for the TT guys. As soon as everyone got back from Santa Maria, it was time to get ready for a hot one in Hanford. Friday night was the TT, which we have coverage of here. Saturday, the motocrossers went at it all day long in brutal heat. Check out the MX story and photos here.

 "Sunday, July 18"

  • Bounty Hunter MX: Brace yourselves because here comes a lot of information. The Bounty Hunter series spent an entire weekend in beautiful Santa Maria last month. Things got started with round 2 of the TT series on Friday night, which we have coverage and photos from here. Then, on Saturday, the second round of the MX series took place. See what Jeremy McGrath and the rest of the gang did here. Finally, most of the amateurs stuck around for Sunday's round 3 action, which is chronicled right here for you. Happy reading!

 "Tuesday, July 13"

 "Sunday, June 27"

  • Simpson Series Finale: The CMA Simpson Spring MX Series wrapped up at the Hanford Fairgrounds earlier this month. There was a lot of good racing since there was product contingency available to all classes. Motopress was in the mix and brings you the full story, results and some images. Click here.

 "Saturday, June 26"

 "Sunday, June 20"

 "Sunday, June 13"

  • Little Okie MX: The Little Okie Spring series was a popular Friday night destination again this year. The laid back atmosphere and nice evening weather made it a lot of fun and we were out there for round 4 of the series. Check out the story and results here.

 "Sunday, June 6"

 "Monday, May 31"

  • Alessi vs. McGrath: The opening round of the 2004 Clawson Motorsports/CMA Bounty Hunter series was one of the most highly anticipated regional races in a long, long time. Jeremy McGrath was committed to the event and Mike Alessi decided to challenge him there. For once, the action lived up to the hype. The two riders engaged in a spectacular battle all night long. If you want to know more, read the whole story here.

 "Saturday, May 22"

 "Monday, May 10"

 "Thursday, April 29"

 "Monday, April 26"

 "Friday, April 16"

 "Wednesday, April 14"

 "Friday, April 2"

 "Wendesday, March 31"

 "Saturday, March 27"

  • New Action Sports Tour: This could be a big one kids. NBC and Clear Channel have partnered up to create an annual tour that will consist of BMX, skateboarding and Freestyle Motocross with major TV coverage. Other sports will be thrown into the mix when the venue fits. To learn more, read the official release here. 

 "Wednesday, March 24"

  • Indiananpolis SX: There were surprises all the way around in Indianapolis this weekend. After getting a concussion in practice, James Stewart didn't race. That gave everyone else their first opportunity of the year to get a victory. In the 250 class, we'll just say that neither Chad Reed or Kevin Windham won. To get the scoop, read the official press release here.  

 "Thursday, March 18"

  • St. Louis SX: Chad Reed continued to roll as the Supercross series swept through St. Louis last weekend. Kevin Windham was second once again, but his title hopes are vanishing quickly. James Stewart ran away with another victory as well as the 125 East title. That's right, Bubba already clinched! For complete results and rider quotes, read the official press release here.   

 "Get Well Soon"

     Chris Blaufus              Weston Arthurs

#36                                     #3

 Friday, March 12

  • Pacific Coast Pro-Am: Spring has officially arrived in Cen-Cal because the CMA Pacific Coast Pro-Am Series is underway. As usual, Motopress is on the scene and will be bringing you the most comprehensive blow-by-blow coverage. You can get started now by checking out the stories, results and photos from Round 1 and Round 2 of the Central Series. Just click on the round you want to see first.

Tuesday November 11

  • San Jose Races: The 4th weekend of Bay Area SX and TT racing was another success. New attendance records were set and the racing continued to get better and better. Motopress was on the scene and we've got Saturday night SX results as well as Sunday afternoon TT coverage. Of course there are pictures with the stories too.

Wednesday November 5

  • McGrath Speaks: Jeremy McGrath took time for this exclusive MOTOPRESS interview the week before the California Supercross in Fresno. Originally done for the event program, we're posting the full interview here just in case you weren't able to make the race. MC talks about the race itself, retirement, his pending biography and more. Read it here.

Monday November 3

Sunday October 19

Monday October 6

  • Hanford MX: The CMA High Point series came to a close on a wonderfully warm Hanford night. The action on the track was just as fiery as the temperatures and of course, Motopress was out there to get you the scoop. Read the story and check out a few photos here.
  • Fresno IFMA: The International Freestyle Motocross Association brought its series back to Fresno in September. Cen-Cal fans got to see their first back flips as well as some great new talent. In fact, a first-time IFMA winner swept both nights of competition. Read all about it here.

Thursday September 18

Monday September 8

Sunday August 31

Wednesday August 27

  • High Point MX: The CMA High Point Series is underway. The second round might go down as one of the stickiest races in Cen-Cal history. The normal high temperatures were made even more miserable by abnormally high humidity. To find out which brave souls came and raced anyway, read the story here.
  • Bounty Hunter #4: The 2003 Bounty Hunter series is well underway and Rusty Holland has it in a stranglehold. The Fresno native put another whippin' on the pro class in Hanford. See how he and all of the amateurs did it right here.

Friday August 22

Thursday July 31

  • Bounty Hunter MX: The Clawson Motorsports/CMA Bounty Hunter Series is now in full swing. The last stop was in the coastal town of Santa Maria, CA. Fan and rider attendance were both very high. The main event was one of the best ever. See how things went in the Pro class on Saturday here. We also have the story from Sunday's amateur races here.
  • AX & IFMA Schedules: The 2004 series schedules for Arenacross and IFMA Freestyle have been published. Clear Channel Motorsports will bring high flying action to a city near you once again, so mark your calendars and buy your tickets now.
  • Moto XXX 6: The original bad boys of MX have released the 6th video of their heralded series. Titled "Let It Ride", this latest creation takes you much deeper than the average video. Check out the official press release to learn more. You can also see the jacket art here.

Tuesday July 15

  • 2004 Supercross: The schedule for next year's Supercross series is out and tickets are on sale. Buy them now because they're going fast.

Thursday July 10

  • CMA Friday Night MX: The kick-back Friday Night series at Little Okie has regrettably come to an end. Motopress spent the night racing and taking photos so that you could keep up with the action. See how your favorite riders did here. 
  • McGrath's Crib: Did you ever wish that MTV's "Cribs" would take you to some of the top motorcycle racers' homes and show you how they live away from the track? If so, your wish has been granted and Renthal is the genie. They've got a video series on their website that takes you to some of the most secret places in the moto world. The latest installment is actually the first of a 3-part tour of Jeremy McGrath's southern California home. Check it out here.

Monday June 23

  • CMA Friday Night MX: Motopress was out in full force at the third round of the CMA Friday Night MX series. TJ the Netslave and Eddie were both representing in the Vet Beginner class along with a bunch of other slow guys. There were some fast kids, though, so check out the story and photos here.

Friday May 30

  • MX Nationals: The first two rounds of the AMA Chevy Trucks Nationals were held in California at their traditional locations. Motopress was on the scene. The dreaded "Fresno Flu" held us up a little bit in getting these up for you, but you'll still want to check them out. We've got Glen Helen and Hangtown ready to go.

Tuesday May 26

Sunday April 27

Monday April 14

  • DALLAS SX: Some say that everything is big in Texas and this year's supercross was no exception. James Stewart smoked everybody and wrapped up the 125 West championship while he was at it. Ricky Carmichael and Chad Reed had an epic duel that saw several lead changes. Guess what! Chad beat Ricky again, for the fourth time in a row. This one's going down to the wire. For the rest of the results, read the press release.

Sunday April 6

  • Pontiac Supercross: Chad Reed takes his third 250cc main event in a row in Pontiac. Is it possible that someone has finally gotten into Ricky Carmichael's head??? See where everyone else finished as well as the final standings for the 125 East in the official release here.

Monday March 31

  • Houston SX: REED, REED, REED! Australia's Chad Reed took his second consecutive win in Houston over Ricky Carmichael. Barring serious bad luck for RC, it's probably too late for Reed to challenge for the title, but he's only 19 points back now. Brock Sellards won the 125 main in what is becoming a very tight 125 East series. Check out the official press release here.

Saturday March 29

  • Frankie Mecono: You probably didn't know this, but Moto XXX has a team competing in the AMA Western 4-Stroke Nationals. Frankie Mecono returns after winning the #8 plate last summer. This is the kind of privateer that people love to support, so check him out in this interview.

Sunday March 23

  • St. Louis SX: Branden Jesseman took his third 125 East win of the season and gained a little bit of ground on Mike Brown. KTM got on the podium for the first time this year and the 250cc main was a shootout. Read the press release here.

Wednesday March 12

Sunday March 2

  • Indianapolis Supercross: Ricky Carmichael added to his momentum with a win in Indianapolis Saturday night. Branden Jesseman struck back for his second win in the 125 East and subsequently brought a rare smile to Roger DeCoster's face. Check the rest out here.

Sunday February 23

 Sunday February 16

 Sunday February 9

  • San Diego SX: Round 6 of the AMA Supercross series took place on an unusually cold night in San Diego. No surprises in the 125 class as Bubba went on a rampage. The 250 main was another story. Check the full story out here...

 Sunday February 2

  • Anaheim SX 3: The third and final Anaheim round of the AMA Supercross series went down Saturday night to another packed house. Those Anaheim fans love their supercross. The latest track design was one of the most unique and treacherous seen in some time. It didn't seem to bother James Stewart, though. Get the full story here...

Monday January 27

  • San Francisco SX: Supercross invaded the "City by the Bay" for the first time ever and did it in style. Over 40,000 fans converged on Pacific Bell Park to take in the sights. There was enough bar banging to keep the most rabid fans happy. Eddie was on the scene and has a full report for you to read right here...

Sunday January 19

  • Anaheim 2: Round 3 of the AMA Supercross series went down in Anaheim on Saturday night. James Stewart backed up his Phoenix win with another while Ricky Carmichael got his season on track. Read the most complete coverage of the event right here...

Monday January 13

  • Phoenix SX: It's safe to say that the Kawasaki semi was a happy place Saturday night. Both of the team's riders took wins in Phoenix. Ezra Lusk's victory in the 250 class was his first since 1999. See how everyone else did here...

Thursday January 9

  • Charity Benefit: The Orange County Dualies are hosting a parking lot sale to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. This is a great way to pick up some moto stuff and help a good cause at the same time. More...

Sunday January 5

  • McGrath says goodbye: The undisputed king of supercross made his retirement official with a press conference at Anaheim's Edison Field prior to the opening round of the AMA supercross series. Read this Motopress exclusive interview with Jeremy to see exactly what he was feeling when he made the decision and what his plans for the future are. Here it is...


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