Turbo Reif


A Very Quick Interview with Turbo Reif
Story & Photos by Eddie Graveline


If you haven’t heard of Turbo Reif yet, get ready, because he may just become a household name in the world of motocross. Raised on California’s central coast, Turbo grew up racing in Southern and Central California. He had some epic Intermediate class battles with guys like Bobby Bonds and Billy Laninovich. In his first Pro season, Turbo was snatched up by the Honda Canada supported Blackfoot Motorsports. He rode the Canadian Nationals alongside Jean Sebastien Roy, Blair Morgan and Doug DeHaan and turned a few heads with his solid performances. Turbo is joining Mike Craig’s newly formed ECC (Escondido Cycle Center) Suzuki team for the ’02 Supercross season, but he showed up at the U.S. Open for one last ride with the Blackfoot boys. It was his first time in the ring with heavyweights like McGrath and Carmichael and I caught up with him to see how things were going.


For the fans out there that don’t know you yet, give us your vitals.

“I’m Turbo Reif. I’m 19-years-old. I’m riding the U.S. Open for Blackfoot Motorsports. I got third up there (Canada), so they got me into the U.S. Open. I’ve just been running amateur stuff, but I’m moving up to the big time now.”


Because of where you grew up, you raced in Northern and Southern California. How do the two areas differ?

“Down south, you have a lot more riders and a lot more talent. The tracks are more technical. Up north, they have a good bunch of riders, just not as many as down south.”


You had some good success in Canada, but what was it like racing up there? It had to be different than anything you’ve done in your career to date.

“I was in the middle of the amateur stuff and nothing was going on for those five weeks (of the Canadian National series), so I went up to Canada and raced the Western Canadian Nationals. It was really fun.”


Was being on the Blackfoot team a good experience?

“Yeah, they’re good people. I went over to their dealership. It’s BIG!”


You’re here at the U.S. Open to compete, but at the same time, this is the first time you’ve been on the same track with the big boys. Do you get a little star struck while you’re out there?

“It’s a big step, a real big step. You always see them on TV, but to be out there, it’s ten times different.”


Is there any particular rider that you idolized growing up that now you’re racing against?

“I like LaRocco a lot because he’s been around forever and McGrath and RC are just bad!” (Editors note: the good kind of bad)


What’s your goal in the U.S. Open?

“Hopefully making the main.” (Editors Note: He didn’t make either of the mains, but his 20th place finish put him ahead of veterans Denny Stephenson, Ryan Terlecki, John Dowd and Robbie Skaggs)


How about in the Supercross series?

“Top ten. Hopefully I’ll top-ten all of them and get to go to Vegas (for the East/West 125cc shootout).”


What’s this ECC team?

“Escondido Cycle Center. It’s a new team that Mike Craig put together. We’ve got a full rig. We have (Mike) Brandes and Josh Woods. We’re on Suzukis. Mike Craig will ride a 250 and we’re doing all of the Nationals too. Brandes will ride the 125 West with me and 250s in the East. Josh Woods will ride the 125 East.”


Good luck, Turbo. I’ll keep up with you during the Supercross season.

“Thanks a lot.”

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