Sebastien Tortelli

An Interview with Sebastien Tortelli

October 15, 2000
By Eddie Graveline

Q: Sebastien, the first night of the U.S. Open didnít go well for you and you didnít make the main event. Can you sum up what happened?

A: I had a lot of trouble. I didnít qualify for the main and actually I was always one place short. Actually I got bad starts. I came back through the pack and finished one place short. I stalled the bike a couple of times. It was all really bad luck and maybe too much excitement. I felt good riding until the other crash I had. I was a little bit sore, but I could still ride. Today I wonít be riding. Iím too sore from yesterday and I twisted my knee. They put it back in place a little bit. Weíre going to get it adjusted some more and get it right. I need to take the day off and get some rest for next weekend, which is going to be my first race on the four stroke Honda.


Q: Where are you going to be racing the four stroke?

A: In Japan at the final of the Japanese championship.


Q: Have you done much testing on the four stroke?

A: I had a couple of rides on it in Japan. The bike is ready and it works great.


Q: Are there any plans for you to ride the four stroke here in America at all?

A: I donít know yet. We need to see what their (Hondaís) plans are and what theyíre going to do with the bike.


Q: As far as American Hondaís team this year, is it going to be you, Ezra Lusk and Mike LaRocco with Ryan Hughes riding the outdoor series?

A: Yes, thatís it.


Q: Youíve been having a great off-season. Youíve ridden very well at some of the European races, including the des Nations. I know not qualifying yesterday must be disappointing, but how do you feel overall going into the 2001 Supercross season?

A: Much better than ever. I mean, the bike is working great and weíve been fine-tuning it. Everything is good. Iím excited. I showed yesterday that the speed is there. I just need to get the starts more comfortable. I was way more aggressive yesterday. Iím just very excited to race. I should be ready.


Q: Everyone knows that youíre a great outdoor rider. Is this going to be the year where you establish yourself as a threat in Supercross?

A: I hope so. Iíll definitely work hard for it. Thatís the goal of Ricky (Carmichael) and thatís my goal. I think a great outdoor rider can be a great Supercross rider too. Iím going to try to prove that and Iím sure I wonít be the only one.


Q: Have you pinpointed any one thing to work on that you think will make the difference for you in Supercross?

A: Definitely the starts. That seems to be what Iím looking for.


Q: Have you set any goals for yourself in 2001 yet?

A: Iím definitely going for the championship outdoors next year. My goal is going to be to win all the races that I can, be strong all the time and not get hurt like I did this year. Indoors Iíll try to get some better results and be on the podium all the time.


Q: What changes have you had in your personal sponsors for next year?

A: Next year Iíll be running for Honda, Thor gear, Suomy Helmets, Scott Goggles and AlpineStar boots.


Q: Since youíre out of the action today, whoís your favorite to take the $100,000?

A: I hope the Honda guys are going to get it.


Q: LaRocco rode good last night. He got a good start in the main.

A: Yeah, he got a good start, but Ricky was a little bit faster. Anything can happen and Iím wishing the best for Honda.


Q: Even though you didnít make it, you put on what was arguably the best ride of the night in the LCQ. You were banging out there and it was a lot of fun to watch. Good luck next season.

A: Thanks.

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