CMA Simpson Spring Series: Round 4

Hanford Fairgrounds
CMA Simpson Spring Series: Round 4
Story & Photos by Eddie Graveline

Motocross tends to get a little relaxed in the warmer months. Riders and families tend to focus more on the recreational side of the sport, which is great, but the folks at Simpson Racing wanted to see things heated up a little bit. With that goal in mind, they partnered with the California Motorcycle Association to put on the Simpson Spring Series, where riders in any class could qualify for "Simpson Bucks" on a weekly basis in addition to the big prizes that would be awarded for the entire series.

Tangible incentives always spark extra competitiveness on the track and the group of hard core riders that showed to compete despite the fact that it was a holiday weekend were plenty motivated.

The 85cc Novice riders had a nice little scrum over the course of the evening. Joaquin Vasquez decided to break the ice by winning the first moto on his YZ85. In the second outing, though, it was Travis Bachman taking the checkers and rebounding from an abysmal 7th in the first race. When the final results were tallied, neither of the race winners came away with the overall victory. Instead, Jeffrey Bier's rock solid consistency (2-2) overcame quick flashes of brilliance.

The 125 Novice class was another one that saw multiple moto winners. It also featured an interesting match up of machinery. Ryan Bush rode a Honda CRF250 against Ryan Leebelt and his YZ250F and Dustin Pipes, who was KX125-mounted. Leebelt came out on top of an intense battle for the first moto victory. Pipes got a bad start, but battled back to 4th. Bush finished in the runner-up spot and was followed by Wes Flippin on the #102 Yamaha.

In control of his own destiny, Ryan Bush had no intentions of leaving his fate to moto math. He won the second race and guaranteed himself the overall. Pipes got a much better start and used the speed that brought him through the pack in the first race to earn a respectable second place finish. Leebelt rounded out the top three in the finale and took second overall just ahead of Pipes. Larry Vasquez and Kyle Hogan rounded out the top five in the final results.

The 250 Intermediate class had more entries than usual, which was great for the spectators along the fences. In a class that is often one of the most spectacular to witness, some new faces came out and turned heads. Resisting the 4-stroke trend, Steven Bates rode a well-prepped RM250 against an otherwise all-thumper field and won both motos. That was impressive considering the fact that it hasnít been long since he moved up from the Novice division, but Steven Hembree was looking to get some attention as well. In his very first race as an Intermediate, he rode an YZ250F against the more powerful bikes and went 2-2 for second place. After blitzing through the Beginner and Novice classes, Hembree served notice that he intends to remain successful with his latest promotion.

Riders were awarded Simpson Bucks for top finishes on the night, but everyone had there eyes on the event that would come seven days later-the series finale and the even bigger prizes that would come with it.

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Jeffrey Bier (28) took the smoothe and consistent approach on the way to winning the 85cc Beginner class.


50 1st Timer: 1. Tristan Mock (Suz); 2. Erika Ward (Hon).

50 Beg: 1. Bubba Ward (KTM); 2. Jayce Elsbery (KTM); 3. Andrew Thompson

PW: 1. Carly McCall (Hon).

Outlaw 9-12: 1. Christian Gonzalez (Hon).

65 5-8: 1. Logan Baker (Suz); 2. Tommy Stevens (Kaw).

65 9-11 Beg: 1. Kody Maldonado (Kaw); 2. Dalton Spjut (KTM); 3. Matthew Ryan
(Kaw); 4. Austin Swank (Kaw); 5. Jordan Ethridge (Kaw).

65 Nov: 1. Anthony Parks (Suz).

65 5-8 Open: 1. Logan Baker (Suz).

65 9-11 Open: 1. Anthony Parks (Suz); 2. Matthew Ryan (Kaw); 3. Jordan
Ethridge (Kaw).

65 X: 1. Anthony Parks (Suz); 2. Kody Maldonado (Kaw); 3. Dalton Spjut
(KTM); 4. Logan Baker (Suz).

4-Stroke Youth: 1. Austin Swank (Yam); 2. Katrina Antles (Hon); 3. Mason
Spjut (Yam).

85 Beg: 1. Jeffrey Bier (Yam); 2. Joaquin Vasquez (Yam); 3. Travis Bachman
(Yam); 4. Anthony Macera (Suz); 5. Jacob Blair (Yam).

85 Nov: 1. Tanner Sisson (Suz); 2. David Fee (Hon); 3. Stephen Peretto
(Kaw); 4. Michael Peretto (Kaw); 5. James Culbertson (Suz).

85 5-11 Open: 1. Wade Knight (Yam); 2. Alex Knight (Hon).

85 X: 1. Tanner Sisson (Suz); 2. David Fee (Hon); 3. Michael Peretto (Kaw):
4. Stephen Peretto (Kaw); 5. Travis Bachman (Yam).

125 Beg: 1. Nathan Francis (Hon); 2. Ricky Brown (Yam); 3. Michael Emerson
(Yam); 4. Anthony Macera (Suz).

125 Nov: 1. Ryan Bush (Hon); 2. Ryan Leebelt (Yam); 3. Dustin Pipes (Kaw);
4. Larry Vasquez (Hon); 5. Kyle Hogan (Hon).

125 Int: 1. Steven Hembree (Yam); 2. Eric Ralls (Yam).

125 Youth: 1. Dustin Pipes (Kaw); 2. Corey Jordan (Hon).

250 Beg: 1. Robbie Brown (Yam); 2. Eddie Graveline (Hon).

250 Nov: 1. Morgan Crawford (Kaw); 2. David Nichols (Yam); 3. Larry Vasquez
(Hon); 4. Kyle Hogan (Hon); 5. Ryan Bush (Hon).

250 Int: 1. Steven Bates (Suz); 2. Steven Hembree (Yam); 3. Jay Leduc (Hon);
4. Eric Ralls (Yam); 5. Luke Leduc (Hon).

250 Pro: 1. Jess Medley (Hon).

17-29 Open: 1. Michael Emerson (Yam).

Vet Beg: 1. Jeff Lamini (Yam); 2. Keith Swank (Kaw).

Vet Nov: 1. Jeff Baxter (Hon); 2. Steven Mock (Suz); 3. Mike Wilson (Yam);
4. Eddie Graveline (Hon).

Vet Int: 1. Rick Steiner (Hon).

Vet Pro: 1. John Blair (Hon); 2. Chicken Brewer (Hon).

OT Nov: 1. Craig Heredia (Hon); 2. Mike Wilson (Yam); 3. Bryan Matts (Hon).

OT Int: 1. Jeff Baxter (Hon); 2. Al Rush (Yam); 3. Roy Knight (Hon).

+30 X: 1. Rick Steiner (Hon); 2. Craig Heredia (Hon).

4-Stroke X: 1. David Nichols (Yam).

Sportsman X: 1. Steven Bates (Suz); 2. Steven Hembree (Yam); 3. Dustin Pipes

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