CMA Bounty Hunter TT: Round 5

"Steel Shoes in the Mist"


Salinas Sports Complex

CMA/Clawson Motorsports Bounty Hunter TT: Round 5

Story & Photos by Eddie Graveline



Different is a word that was used often in the pits during round 5 of the popular Bounty Hunter TT series. It applied to everything from the track layout, to the soil, to the weather. Wherever they looked, the riders were met by a different set of circumstances than they were used to.

The track itself made things interesting. Most TT races are held on hard packed, clay tracks that develop blue grooves, but the Salinas Sports Complex had a lot more sand than most riders were used to. That alone would require some getting used to, but the track itself was also more of a true TT course than normal. There were more turns plus a really long, super fast straightaway for the start. As for the weather, it seemed like a cloud settled on the outdoor arena that Friday night. The air was cold and wet, providing major contrast to the exceptionally hot rounds that preceded it.

When racers are taken out of their comfort zones, itís always interesting to see how quickly they can adapt. Most of the time, they are surprisingly fast, and this particular race was no exception. There were plenty of riders signed up in the premier divisions and even more in some of the entry level classes.

The action started to get hot during the heat races, especially when the big boys came out to play. The 250cc Expert division gave a preview of things to come. Kenny Heess, who splits time between motocross and flat track racing, won the heat race over Charlie Potts, Rodney Spencer Jr., Ken Netto and Chris Canepa. Anyone familiar with Bounty Hunter racing would say that that was a very solid group. Heess backed himself up by winning the main event, making himself the favorite for the big main later on. Spencer moved up to second in the main, followed by Netto.

The Modern Open Expert class is the big one at Bounty Hunter races. The fastest guys ride it and compete for what are usually pretty healthy purses. Most of the 250cc Expert riders were in the mix as well as some new faces. Series regular Gene Manhire was in, along with pro motocross racer Nick Davis and some others. The heat race re-ignited a familiar battle. Kenny Heess and Rodney Spencer Jr. were out front together again. This time, Spencer put his Yamaha in front of Heess' Honda, adding some drama as they looked toward the main event. Charlie Potts finished third, with Kurt Chandler and Manhire completing the top five. Davis was last in 12th. When the main went green, Heess, Spencer, Manhire, and Chris Canepa thundered toward the front on their 450cc machines. Canepa had already won main events in the series, but seemed to struggle a little more than usual on the sandy stuff. Again, Heess and Spencer duked it out. It was a close race most of the way, but Heess got back on top when it counted, took the checkered flag and a lot of the money that Spencer was hoping to earn. Manhire finished third, with Canepa right behind him.

Any questions about the popularity of the series were answered by the swelling entries. The 125 Novice class had to be separated into three divisions. The 250cc Novice required four! The good news for everyone was that there wouldnít be much waiting for the next round. It was set to take place two days later in the same stadium.



50 1st Timer: 1. Brandon Pita (KTM); 2. Andrew McHaney (KTM); 3. Ruben Garcia (KTM); 4. Andrew Luker (Suz); 5. DJ Barbato (Yam).

50 1st Timer (2): 1. John Neiswonger (Pol); 2. Dale McHaney (KTM); 3. Michael Pita (Yam); 4. Jeff Larson (Hon); 5. Vanessa Furman (Suz).

50 5-6: 1. Callion McHaney (Cob); 2. Bradley Daoro (KTM); 3. Steven Smith (Hon); 4. Andrew Luker (Suz); 5. Kevin Alcorn (Pol).

50 7-8: 1. Douglas Manhire (Pol); 2. Mitch Anderson (Pol); 3. Zane Caulk (KTM).

50 Stock: 1. Kevin Alcorn; 2. Steven Smith (Hon); 3. Jeff Larson (Hon); 4. Brooke Wallace (Suz).

50 Mod: 1. Douglas Manhire (Pol); 2. Christopher Torres (Pol); 3. Mitch Anderson (Pol); 4. Kevin Alcorn (Pol).

50 X: 1. Christopher Torres (Pol); 2. Kevin Alcorn (Pol); 3. Callion McHaney (Cob); 4. Ruben Garcia (KTM); 5. Zane Caulk (KTM).

50 Adult: 1. Nathan Brennan; 2. Jason Raby (Hon); 3. Dominic Stewart (Hon); 4. Chad Haygood (Hon); 5. Dalton Wilbur (Suz).

65 Nov: 1. Wesley Daoro (Kaw); 2. Christopher Torres (Suz); 3. Mitch Anderson (Suz); 4. Hunter Sorensen (KTM); 5. Tanner Simons (KTM).

65 Nov (2): 1. RJ Mendez (KTM); 2. Austin Scaggs (Kaw); 3. Dalton Spjut (KTM); 4. Dakota Owen.

65 Int: 1. Cody Silva (Kaw); 2. Bronson Bauman (Kaw).

65 X: 1. RJ Mendez (KTM); 2. Mason Garcia (Yam); 3. Tanner Simons (KTM); 4. Bronson Bauman (Kaw); 5. Charlie Pipes (Hon).

4-Stroke 0-90: 1. Mason Garcia (Yam); 2. Wesley Daoro (Hon); 3. Douglas Manhire (Hon); 4. DJ Reynolds (Hon); 5. Kevin Alcorn.

4-Stroke 91-125 Youth: 1. Chris Ferroni (Hon); 2. Cody Silva (Kaw); 3. Mitchell Brott (Yam); 4. Dalton Wilbur (Suz); 5. Michelle Silva (Hon).

4-Stroke 91-125 Youth (2): 1. Carson Sorensen (Kaw); 2. Michelle Dean (Yam); 3. Bryan Lynch (Yam); 4. Austin Scaggs (Hon); 5. Thomas Marquez (Yam).

4-Stroke 91-125 Youth (3): 1. Tyler Jordan (Yam); 2. Colton Garcia (Yam); 3. Charlie Pipes (Hon); 4. Brandon Dean (Kaw).

4-Stroke 91-125: 1. Brandt Jordan (Kaw); 2. Dominic Stewart (Hon); 3. Vincent Olmos (Yam); 4. Glenn Lynch (Yam).

85 Nov: 1. Cody Silva (Kaw); 2. Robert Olmos (Kaw); 3. Mason Garcia (Yam); 4. Dalton Wilbur (Suz); 5. Brandi Monasmith (Yam).

85 Nov (2): 1. TJ Smith (Kaw); 2. Zachary Thompson (Hon); 3. Dylan Augerot (Yam); 4. Mark Mendoza (Yam); 5. Thomas Marquez (Yam).

85 Exp: 1. Briar Bauman (Hon).

85 X: 1. Briar Bauman (Hon); 2. Cody Silva (Kaw); 3. Mason Garcia (Yam).

Powder Puff: 1. Lauren Williams (Kaw); 2. Michelle Silva (Hon); 3. Brandi Monasmith (Yam); 4. Lisa Gonzales (Yam); 5. Sarah Aguirre (Yam).

100 X: 1. Chris Ferroni (Hon).

125 Nov: 1. Brent McKinsey (Hon); 2. Yobie Jacobson (Hon); 3. Matthew Williams (Yam); 4. Dustin Pipes (Kaw); 5. Trevor Sheedy (Yam).

125 Nov (2): 1. Matt Collins (Hon); 2. Carson Thorp (Yam); 3. Toby Garcia (Yam); 4. Kevin Nickell (KTM); 5. Vincent Olmos (Yam).

125 Nov (3): 1. Robert Maclean (Yam); 2. Jacqui Vannoort (Yam); 3. Stevie Hall (Hon); 4. Guy Miller (Yam); 5. Nick Riphenburg (Hon).

125 Int: 1. Buck Gomes (Yam); 2. Travis Hurley (Hon).

125 Exp: 1. Austin Helwig (Hon).

250 Nov: 1. Mark Swift (Hon); 2. Daniel Coffey (Yam); 3. Yobie Jacobson (Hon); 4. Brent McKinsey (Hon); 5. Steve Eddings (Yam).

250 Nov (2): 1. Matthew Williams (Yam); 2. Trevor Sheedy (Yam); 3. Stephen Hopf (Hon); 4. Steven Henson (Yam); 5. Matt Schiveley (Yam).

250 Nov (3): 1. Matt Collins (Hon); 2. Marc Fanning (Hon); 3. Jason Kramer (Kaw); 4. Johnny Sanchez Jr.; 5. Jack Arthur (Kaw).

250 Nov (4): 1. Robert McClintock (Kaw); 2. Dylan Enders (Hon); 3. Danny Burke (Suz); 4. Chris Gutierrez (Suz); 5. Bobby McCollough (Yam).

250 Int: 1. Brad Anderson (Kaw); 2. Michael Dillard (Yam); 3. Joey Allan (Yam); 4. Ryan Díarrio (Hon); 5. Buck Gomes (Yam).

250 Exp: 1. Kenny Heess (Hon); 2. Rodney Spencer Jr. (Yam); 3. Ken Netto (Yam); 4. Chris Canepa (Hon); 5. Charlie Potts (Hon).

Modern Open Nov: 1. Mark Swift (Hon); 2. Bubba Vannort (Yam); 3. Matthew Williams (Yam); 4. Lauren Wallace (Kaw); 5. Ronnie Clark (Hon).

Modern Open Nov (2): 1. Henning Sorensen (KTM); 2. Vincent Olmos (Yam); 3. Jack Arthur (Kaw); 4. Bobby McCullough (Yam).

Modern Open Int: 1. Michael Dillard (Yam); 2. Dillon Allen (Hon); 3. Ryan Díarrio (Hon).

Modern Open Exp: 1. Kenny Heess (Hon); 2. Rodney Spencer Jr. (Yam); 3. Gene Manhire (Hon); 4. Chris Canepa (Hon); 5. Trafton Chandler (Yam).

Vet Nov: 1. Kevin Nickell (KTM); 2. Steve Eddings (Yam); 3. Jeff Sturgill (Hon); 4. Steve Strametz (Hon); 5. Russell Ambrosini (Suz).

Vet Nov (2): 1. Matt Schiveley (Yam); 2. Marty Lawrence (Hon); 3. Henning Sorensen (KTM); 4. Glenn Lynch (KTM); 5. Craig Furman (Suz).

Vet Int: 1. Brad Anderson (Kaw); 2. Robert Silva (Hon); 3. Dale Jensen (Hon); 4. Rob Thompson (Hon); 5. Greg Soderer (Hon).

OT Nov: 1. Eric Kiser (Hon); 2. Jerry Warren (Yam); 3. Terry Smith (Hon); 4. Christopher Thocni (Yam); 5. Gary Vincelet (Yam).

OT Int: 1. Dale Jensen (Hon); 2. Rick Cremona (Kaw); 3. Robert Silva (Hon); 4. Rob Thompson (Hon).

OT Exp: 1. Ken Netto (Yam).

Sportsman X: 1. Dustin Pipes (Kaw); 2. Robert Silva (Kaw); 3. Chris Gutierrez (Suz).

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