CMA/Clawson Motorsports Bounty Hunter TT: Round 3

"Bounty Blitz"

Hanford Fairgrounds
CMA/Clawson Motorsports Bounty Hunter TT: Round 3
Story & Photos by Eddie Graveline

Flat track and TT racing seem to be more seasonal in California than motocross and for that reason, those who live and die to ride on oval and kidney shaped tracks await summer with great anticipation. The Bounty Hunter series is probably the biggest regional TT series in the state, drawing very large groups of riders and spectators alike. The hard core riders had to be fired up for round three of the series, because it came a mere seven days after the second round.

The Hanford Fairgrounds is famous for its loamy dirt. The same stuff that motocrossers love turns into a fast, cushion style circuit for the TT riders. The layout for round 3 featured one right handed kink followed by a little single jump. The emphasis was definitely more on speed than technical difficulty.

Though there were all the usual support classes, the Bounty Hunter series is built around the big boys. For TT, the Modern Open Expert class is the one that pays cold hard cash and there was no shortage of riders willing to take their share in Hanford. Like the previous round, there were several motocross racers on hand trying to win some extra spending money. The field of flat trackers was strong as well and it looked like it would be a long night of fabulous racing.

Leading up to the main event, there was an entertaining skirmish in the 250cc Expert class. Kenny Heess and Rodney Spencer, who happen to be two of the hottest young steel shoes in the area, went at it in both the heat race and main. With a narrow win in the heat, Spencer took the first starting position in the main, but Heess was able to out duel him for the victory. They would meet again later.

The modern Open Expert heat race was an exciting one. San Joseís Chris Canepa barely held off motocross ace Vincent Blair and Rodney Spencer. Canepa definitely had the advantage in terms of TT experience, but Blair was confident after winning the week before in Santa Maria.

In the main event, Canepa and Spencer had Blair and fellow pro motocross riders Jeff Willoh and Jess Medley to contend with. Kenny Heess splits time between both disciplines and had to be considered a legitimate threat as well. When the green flag fell, Canepa and Spencer thundered to the first turn in front of everyone else. Blair got a lousy start and began playing catch-up immediately. By the time he got his #157 KTM into the top five, Blair was having problems with his rear brake. Every time he came around the stands, observant fans noticed the rotor glowing orange. Eventually, he pulled out of the race, bitterly disappointed. That basically left things up to Canepa and Spencer. The former took control and won in commanding fashion. Gene Manhire finished third, while Jeff Willoh took top honors among the MX guys with his fourth place ride. Heess completed the top five.

While Canepa celebrated a well-earned victory, Vincent Blair had other things on his mind. He vowed to be back for the next round of the TT series, but his thoughts turned to the next day. He had a Bounty Hunter Motocross to worry about and a rear brake rotor to find before then!


50 1st Timer: 1. Brandon Pita (KTM); 2. Andrew Luker (Suz); 3. Michael Pita (Yam); 4. Seth Wong (Yam).

50 Stock: 1. Michael Manhire (Hon); 2. Kevin Alcorn (Suz); 3. Joseph Homan (Yam).

50 5-6: 1. Bradley Daoro (KTM); 2. Kevin Alcorn (Pol); 3. Andrew Luker (Suz); 4. Joseph Homan (Yam).

50 7-8: 1. Douglas Manhire (Pol); 2. Mitch Anderson (Suz); 3. PJ Nevarez (Pol).

50 Mod: 1. Douglas Manhire (Pol); 2. Christopher Torres (Pol); 3. Mitch Anderson (Suz); 4. Kevin Alcorn (Pol).

50 X: 1. Christopher Torres (Pol); 2. Kevin Alcorn (Pol).

50 Adult: 1. Damon Iwanaga (Hon); 2. Tyler Bereman (Hon); 3. Anthony Macera (Hon).

65 Nov: 1. Wesley Daoro (Kaw); 2. Dalton Spjut (KTM); 3. Evan Stafford (Suz); 4. Mitch Anderson (Suz); 5. Chase Lopate (Kaw).

65 Int: 1. Cody Silva (Kaw).

65 Exp: 1. Budda Jimenez (Kaw).

85 Nov: 1. Cody Silva (Kaw); 2. Justin Deger (Yam); 3. TJ Smith (Kaw); 4. Anthony Macera (Suz); 5. Michelle Silva (Hon).

85 Nov (2): 1. Cody Bracken (Yam); 2. Robert Olmos (Kaw); 3. Evan Stafford (Suz); 4. Zachary Thompson (Hon); 5. Thomas Marquez (Yam).

85 Int: 1. Dustin Moody (Suz); 2. Michael Flores (KTM); 3. David Fee (Hon).

85 Exp: 1. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 2. Dennis Trentman (Suz).

85 X: 1. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 2. Cody Silva (Kaw); 3. Dustin Moody (Suz); 4. Dennis Trentman (Suz); 5. David Fee (Hon).

4-Stroke 0-90 Youth: 1. Wesley Daoro (Hon); 2. Michael Manhire (Hon); 3. Chase Lopate; 4. DJ Reynolds (Hon); 5. Charlie Pipes (Hon).

4-Stroke 91-125 Youth: 1. Chris Ferroni (Hon); 2. Dennis Trentman (Suz); 3. Robert Olmos (Kaw); 4. Dalton Wilbur (Hon); 5. Myriah Swift (Yam).

4-Stroke 91-125 Youth (2): 1. Brice Brittson (Yam); 2. Thomas Marquez (Yam); 3. Mason Spjut (Yam); 4. Colton Garcia (Yam); 5. Josh Colovich (Hon).

4-Stroke 91-125 Adult: 1. Colton Garcia (Yam); 2. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 3. Vince Olmos (Yam).

Powder Puff: 1. Michelle Silva (Hon); 2. Myriah Swift (Yam); 3. Sarah Aguirre (Yam).

125 Nov: 1. Brent McKinsey (Hon); 2. Kyle Ancelet (Yam); 3. Dustin Pipes (Kaw); 4. Trevor Sheedy (Yam); 5. Jacqui Vannoort (Yam).

125 Nov (2): 1. Anthony Macera (Suz); 2. John Walker (Yam); 3. Tyler Webb (Yam); 4. Vince Olmos (Yam); 5. Dave Adrian (Yam).

125 Int: 1. Cody Greer (Yam); 2. Clay Patterson (Hon); 3. Brad Patterson (Hon).

250 Nov: 1. Brent McKinsey (Hon); 2. Mark Swift (Hon); 3. Robert Ramos (Hon); 4. Daniel Coffey (Yam); 5. Ralph Garcia (Hon).

250 Nov (2): 1. John Walker (Yam); 2. Matt Schiveley (Yam); 3. Trevor Sheedy (Yam); 4. Lauren Wallace (Kaw); 5. Teddy Lez (Hon).

250 Int: 1. Clay Patterson (Hon); 2. Brad Anderson (Kaw); 3. Mike Dillard (Yam); 4. Brian Padgett (Hon); 5. Joey Alves (Yam).

250 Exp: 1. Kenny Heess (Hon); 2. Rodney Spencer (Yam); 3. Manuel Jimenez (Yam).

Vet Nov: 1. Jeff Sturgill (Hon); 2. Vince Larocca (Hon); 3. Kevin Nickell (KTM); 4. Matt Schiveley (Yam); 5. Julio Santiago (Hon).

Vet Int: 1. Robert Silva (Hon); 2. Brad Anderson (Kaw); 3. Brian Padgett (Hon); 4. Mike Carson (KTM).

Vet Exp: 1. Manuel Jimenez (Yam).

OT Nov: 1. Eric Kiser (Hon); 2. Terry Smith (Hon); 3. Gary Vincelet (Hon).

OT Int: 1. Craig Estrada (Hon); 2. Robert Silva (Hon).

OT Exp: 1. Randy Blair (Yam).

Modern Open Nov: 1. Bubba Vannoort (Yam); 2. Mark Swift (Hon); 3. Ronnie Clark (Hon); 4. Curt Peebles (Suz); 5. Lloyd Barry (Yam).

Modern Open Nov (2): 1. Robert Ramos (Hon); 2. Ken Rider (Hon); 3. Ralph Garcia (Hon); 4. Jack Arthur (Kaw).

Modern Open Int: 1. Dillon Allen (Hon); 2. Mike Dillard (Yam); 3. Mike Carson (KTM).

Modern Open Expert: 1. Chris Canepa (Hon); 2. Rodney Spencer (Yam); 3. Gene Manhire (Hon); 4. Jeff Willoh (Suz); 5. Kenny Heess (Hon).

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