CMA Pacific Coast Pro-Am Championships: Round 4 Central

“Change Is Good”


Madera Fairgrounds

CMA Pacific Coast Pro-Am: Round 4-Central

Story & Photos by Eddie Graveline




As a species, human beings tend to fear change. Though scientifically difficult to explain or even prove, it does seem to be part of our nature. People like to be comfortable in a routine and not be faced with the stress of unexpected situations. As everyone knows, though, change can be a positive thing and the competitors of the California Motorcycle Association's Pacific Coast Pro-Am series learned that firsthand.

Round 4 of the Pro-Am's central division was originally scheduled for the Porterville OHV park, with round 5 slated for Little Okie Raceway in Madera. The combination of spring rains and an unbelievably busy race schedule made it difficult for the track crews to get Little Okie ready for such a large race. To compensate, Porterville was rescheduled for round 5 and the Madera Fairgrounds became the new host of round 4.

Some may have been disappointed at the news since round 2 had been held at the same venue, but their worry was unnecessary. Event organizers were able to secure some extra space and expanded the track before round 4. A brand new and bigger track design awaited and was met by rave reviews.

The 65cc 9-11-year-old beginners provided some of the strangest and most exciting racing of the day. Consider the fact that neither of the two moto winners was even in the top three overall and you begin to see the point. Gye Walter looked strong en route to the first moto victory. He finished ahead of Riley Farnsworth and Jordan Collins who were also KTM-mounted. Walter was running well in the second moto until getting involved in a crash, ruining any hopes of victory. Garrett Schasteen ended up winning the final moto, but had finished a dismal twelfth in the first. Collins and Farnsworth were second and third respectively in the second race. Collins took the victory by way of 3-2 scores, while Farnsworth was second. Miles Daniele came from way back to take third overall with an 8-3 tally.

There were some good battles in the 85cc ranks as well, especially the 12-16-year-old Open class. There was particularly good racing for the first and third place overall spots. Bryce Huffman and Dustin Pipes were the primary forces involved in the fight for first. They swapped moto wins with Huffman taking the overall since he won the final race. For third, it came down to a couple of Suzuki pilots. Tanner Sisson and Greg Grouleff were the interested parties. Sisson was in control early on a Clawson Motorsports RM85, but Grouleff finished right behind him in the first outing. Like the leaders, they swapped positions in the final moto and Grouleff took the final podium spot by way of tiebreaker.

Proving that youth isn't required for good racing, the Vet Intermediates put on a splendid show. Clawson Motorsports/Syndicate rider Craig Ranells struck first, narrowly defeating Jeff Merrill in the opening race. Then, as had happened so many times already that day, the second place finisher came back to win the final moto and overall. Craig King was solid as well, finishing third overall with 3-2 scores.

It ended up being a warm day in Madera, but that never seems to get Cen-Cal racers down. The pure enjoyment of riding a new track and thrill of competition provided plenty of relief for all. As far as the series goes, several class championship standings got even closer, which could only mean that the remaining rounds would be just as good, if not better.


Tanner Sisson (141) swept both motos to win the 85 Novice division on his Clawson Motorsports RM85. (click to view larger version)



Shaft Drive: 1. Renae Boggs (Yam).


50 1 st Timer: 1. Tristan Marseilles (KTM); 2. Levi Walker (KTM); 3. Sweet Pea De La Mora (KTM); 4. Kristin Howard (Pol); 5. Ethan Gray (Hon).


50 Beg: 1. Brianne James (LEM); 2. Zane Caulk (KTM); 3. Chase Mc Cullough (KTM); 4. Callion McHaney (Cob); 5. Kaleb Kessinger (KTM).


50 Nov: 1. Tyer Hjortland (KTM); 2. Daniel De La Mora (KTM); 3. Tommy Stevens (LEM); 4. Nicholas Templeton (KTM); 5. Luke Gruetzmacher (LEM).


50 5-6 Open: 1. Brianne James (LEM); 2. Levi Walker (KTM); 3. Luke Gruetzmacher (LEM); 4. Blaine Silveira (KTM); 5. Callion McHaney (Cob).


50 7-8 Open: 1. Tyler Hjortland (KTM); 2. Nicholas Templeton (KTM); 3. Tommy Stevens (LEM); 4. Zane Caulk (KTM); 5. Elijah Ortiz (KTM).


Outlaw 50 Stock: 1. Robbie Boggs (Hon).


Outlaw 50 9-12: 1. Austin McCall (Hon); 2. Garrett Schasteen (Hon).


65 5-8 Beg: 1. Dalton Spjut (KTM); 2. Daniel De La Mora (Kaw); 3. Ethan Gray (Hon).


65 9-11 Beg: 1. Jordan Collins (KTM); 2. Riley Farnsworth (KTM); 3. Miles Daniele (Kaw); 4. Mike Waybright (Suz); 5. Gye Walter (KTM).


65 Nov: 1. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 2. Seth Hughes (Yam); 3. Tyler Wymore (Suz); 4. Landon Sullivan (KTM); 5. AJ Lauzon (KTM).


65 Int. 1. Kyle Tigert (KTM).


65 5-8 Open: 1. Zach Leach (KTM); 2. Daniel De La Mora (Kaw).


65 9-11 Open: 1. Kyle Tigert (KTM); 2. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 3. Tyler Wymore (Suz); 4. AJ Lauzon (KTM); 5. Landon Sullivan (KTM).


65 X: 1. Kyle Tigert (KTM); 2. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 3. Tyler Wymore (Suz); 4. AJ Lauzon (KTM); 5. Landon Sullivan (KTM).


85 Beg: 1. Stephen Peretto (Kaw); 2. Michael Furlin (Suz); 3. Travis Mullins (Hon); 4. Jacob Blair (Yam); 5. Jeffrey Blair (Yam).


85 Beg (2): 1. Joaquin Vasquez (Yam); 2. Anthony Macera (Suz); 3. Ryan Theisen (Yam); 4. Nathan Hayes (Yam); 5. Dalton Wilbur (Suz).


85 Nov: 1. Tanner Sisson (Suz); 2. Kyle Kessinger (Yam); 3. Greg Grouleff (Suz); 4. Kyle Tigert (Suz); 5. Christian Kinney (Yam).


85 Int: 1. Dustin Pipes (Hon).


85 5-11 Open: 1. Bryce Huffman (Suz); 2. Dustin Pipes (Hon); 3. Greg Grouleff (Suz); 4. Tanner Sisson (Suz); 5. Jordan Collins (Hon).


85 X: 1. Bryce Huffman (Suz); 2. Kyle Kessinger (Yam); 3. Matt Dungan (Suz); 4. Christian Kinney (Yam); 5. Zane Tatum (Yam).


Supermini: 1. Bryce Huffman (Suz); 2. Dustin Moody (Suz); 3. Matt Dungan (Suz); 4. Dustin Pipes (Hon).


125 Beg: 1. Jon Davies (Kaw); 2. Corey Jordan (Hon); 3. Collin Johnson (Yam); 4. Kyle Hogan (Hon); 5. Ronnie Vasquez (Yam).


125 Beg (2): 1. Michael Basile (Hon); 2. Joey Williams (Yam); 3. Casey Howard (Hon); 4. Vincent Vasquez (Yam); 5. Brad Ely (Yam).


125 Nov: 1. Eric Ralls (Yam); 2. Ryan Leebelt (Yam); 3. Nicolas Baker (Yam); 4. Larry Vasquez (Hon); 5. AJ Maul (Suz).


125 Int: 1. Jonathan Camarena (Suz); 2. Joel Roberts (Yam); 3. David Caetano (Kaw); 4. Mitch Bragdon (Suz).


125 Youth: 1. Nicolas Baker (Yam); 2. Dustin Pipes (Hon); 3. Rydane Dixon (Yam); 4. Nick Marmolejo (Hon).


125 Pro: 1. Zac Baxter (Yam).


250 Beg: 1. Corey Jordan (Hon); 2. Randy Ingle (Yam); 3. Sam Crippen (Hon); 4. Anthony Pierce (Hon); 5. Ronnie Vasquez (Yam).


250 Beg (2): 1. Tommy Provence (Hon); 2. Jason Collier (Hon); 3. Kyle Hogan (Hon); 4. Donny Garcia (Suz); 5. Ted Bergen (Suz).


250 Nov: 1. Eric Ralls (Yam); 2. Craig King (Hon); 3. Craig Ranells (Hon); 4. Brent Bowser (Hon); 5. Larry Vasquez (Hon).


250 Int: 1. Jonathan Camarena (Suz).


250 Pro: 1. Josh Cox (Yam); 2. Beau Baron (Kaw); 3. Zac Baxter (Yam); 4. John Blair (Hon).


17-29 Open: 1. David Caetano (Kaw); 2. Brian Caetano (Kaw).


Vet Beg: 1. Don Chambers (Hon); 2. Cameron Colburn (Hon); 3. Tim Wilson (Yam); 4. Scott Greathouse (Yam); 5. Nathan Hayes (Hon).


Vet Nov: 1. Jeff Thiesen (Hon); 2. Rick Steiner (Hon); 3. Bryan Custer (Yam); 4. David House (Suz); 5. Mike Wilson (Yam).


Vet Int: 1. Jeff Merrill (Hon); 2. Craig Ranells (Hon); 3. Craig King (Hon); 4. Dwane Twohorn (Hon); 5. Jeff Keller (Hon).


OT Nov: 1. Mike Wilson (Yam); 2. Craig Heredia (Yam); 3. David House (Suz).


OT Int: 1. Craig Ranells (Hon); 2. Mark Hawkins (Suz).


Women: 1. Sherri Cruse (Hon); 2. Jackie Ives (Yam).


+30 X: 1. Jeff Merrill (Hon); 2. Craig Ranells (Hon); 3. Rick Steiner (Hon); 4. Craig Heredia (Yam); 5. Mark Hawkins (Suz).


Sportsman X: 1. Larry Vasquez (Hon); 2. Randy Ingle (Yam); 3. Michael Furlin (Hon).


Pro-Am: 1. Josh Cox (Yam); 2. Beau Baron (Kaw); 3. Zac Baxter (Yam); 4. Jonathan Camarena (Suz); 5. Mitch Bragdon (Suz).

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