CMA Pacific Coast Pro-Am Championships: Round 1 Central

"Jurevich Strikes First"

Hanford Fairgrounds
CMA Pacific Coast Pro-Am Championships: Round 1-Central
Story & Photos by Eddie Graveline

For many years now, the CMA Pacific Coast Pro-Am Championship series has been dubbed, "the series to win". The reasons are pretty obvious. Rider turnout is huge for every round and as every racer knows, the best wins come against the strongest competition. The other main contributing factor to the seriesí popularity is the awarding of dealer dollars to all classes with at least six riders entered. Nothing, it seems, gets racers more fired up than the chance to get something tangible in return for a solid performance.

With so much on the line, it was only fitting that the first round be held at the Hanford Fairgrounds track. The track's combination of big jumps and tricky rhythm sections makes it a favorite of many riders. Its tendency to get rough in the late motos is a welcome challenge to the hard core riders. Were it not for the foresight of the CMA track crew, the previous weekís rain may have put the event in jeopardy. Instead, they spent hours creating drainage areas so that the track surface wouldnít hold too much water. By Sunday morning, the racing surface was perfect.
The pro classes always attract a lot of attention in the Pro-Am series. Beside the 200% payback in the 125 and 250 classes, the top riders have a chance to compete in a one-moto Pro-Am class for additional dealer dollars. The top gun for the day was Honda privateer Billy Jurevich. He won the Pro-Am race by leading every lap and also managed a sweep of both 250cc Pro motos. Clawson Motorsports team rider Matt Gaines was the runner-up in both classes, while Vet Pro John Blair deserves mention for racing the younger guys and getting third overall in the 250 class. After such a strong performance, it wasnít surprising to see Blair win the aforementioned Vet Pro class.
Even a quick look at the mini class results will make the name Brandon Olivares stand out. Starting the day on a Cobra, he proceeded to win the 50cc 7-8-year-old Open class as well as the Intermediate division. Still wanting more, he went on to sweep the 65cc 5-8-year-old Open competition as well.

Also making a strong showing was KTM pilot Mark Braden. Actually, KTMís seemed to be the way to go in the 65cc class. Braden won a very tight battle for the 65cc Novice class with Joseph Reynolds. After finishing second in the opening moto, Braden fought back to edge Reynolds in the final and take the overall. Tyler Wymore put his Suzuki into third overall, breaking up what would have been an all KTM top five otherwise.

Sticking to the 65cc theme, no recounting of round 1 would be complete without mentioning Kyle Tigert. He was unchallenged in the Intermediate class, but beat full gates in the 9-11-year-old Open and X classes. He was definitely the fastest 65cc pilot of the day. He backed those performances up with a solid showing in the 85cc Novice and 5-11-year-old Open classes, where he finished second overall behind Greg Grouleff and Dylan Lane respectively.

Bryce Huffman had a great day in the 85cc ranks. He rode his Honda to wins in the 85 X and Supermini divisions. It wasnít a cakewalk, though. Huffman had serious competition in Ricky Renauro, Dustin Pipes and Dylan Lane. Pipes, who is now splitting time between his CR85s and a new CRF250, topped Huffman in the Intermediate division.

Finally, Steven Hembree deserves some serious recognition for a job well done in a couple of the big bike classes. Riding a YZF250, he won a 125 Novice class that consisted of two divisions. Hembree has been steadily working his way toward being one of the classí fastest riders, so that on its own wouldnít have been much of a surprise. The real eye opener was his winning performance in the 250 Novice class. Besides dealing with a whole new group of racers, Hembree overcame a major horsepower disadvantage by riding the 250F there as well.
As one might imagine, there were many more performances worth writing about, but only room for a few. The action was fast, furious and consistently good all day long. The only way to know what happened in all of the classes is to go see it firsthand. Do yourself a favor and get out to one of the remaining rounds before itís too late.


50 1st Timer: 1. Mikiah Morgan (KTM); 2. Tristin Marseilles (KTM); 3. Mat Branch (Hon); 4. Kristin Howard (Pol); 5. Sweet Pea De La Mora (KTM).

50 Shaft Drive: 1. Renae Boggs (Yam).

50 Beg: 1. Tommy Stevens (LEM); 2. Zane Caulk (KTM); 3. Callion McHaney (Cob); 4. Elijah Ortiz (KTM); 5. Blaine Silveira (KTM).

50 Nov: 1. Tyler Hjortland (KTM); 2. Daniel De La Mora (Kaw); 3. Luke Gruetzmacher (LEM); 4. Jack Hamilton (KTM).

50 Int: 1. Brandon Olivares (Suz).

50 5-6 Open: 1. Callion McHaney (Cob); 2. Luke Gruetzmacher (LEM); 3. Mikiah Morgan (KTM); 4. Adam Hulsey (Pol); 5. Chance Souza.

50 7-8 Open: 1. Brandon Olivares (Suz); 2. Tyler Hjortland (KTM); 3. Tommy Stevens (LEM); 4. Zane Caulk (KTM); 5. Tyson Piereira (KTM).

Outlaw 50 Stock: 1. Robbie Boggs (Hon).

Outlaw 50 Mod: 1. Robert Alquist (Hon).

Outlaw 50 Open: 1. Brian Alquist (Hon).

65 5-8 Beg: 1. Zach Leach (KTM); 2. Trent Nicholson (KTM); 3. Brandon Olivares (Suz); 4. William McHaney (Suz); 5. Daniel De La Mora (Kaw).

65 9-11 Beg: 1. Rio Contreras (KTM); 2. Tanner Lovegren (Kaw); 3. Kody Maldonado (Kaw); 4. Gye Walter (KTM); 5. Garrett Schasteen (Suz).

65 Nov: 1. Mark Braden (Yam); 2. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 3. Tyler Wymore (Suz); 4. Tyler Nicholson (KTM); 5. Javier Tobar (KTM).

65 Int: 1. Kyle Tigert (KTM).

65 X: 1. Kyle Tigert (KTM); 2. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 3. Landon Sullivan (KTM); 4. Tyler Wymore (Suz); 5. AJ Lanzion (KTM).

85 Beg: 1. Evan Spano (Suz); 2. Robbie Boggs (Yam); 3. Nash Anderson (Suz); 4. Jake Hjortland (Yam); 5. Travis Bachman (Yam).

85 Beg (2): 1. Derek Bee; 2. Ryan Kozak (Hon); 3. Ryan Dose (Hon); 4. Andy Taylor (Kaw); 5. Dalton Wilbur (Suz).

85 Nov: 1. Greg Grouleff (Suz); 2. Kyle Tigert (Suz); 3. Jordin Collins (Hon); 4. Justin Davis (Yam); 5. Jessy Arthurs (Hon).

85 Int: 1. Dustin Pipes (Hon); 2. Bryce Huffman (Hon); 3. Richard Rinauro (Yam); 4. Dylan Lane (Yam); 5. Daniel Reen (Yam).

85 5-11 Open: 1. Dylan Lane (Yam); 2. Kyle Tigert (Suz); 3. Drew Thomes (Yam); 4. Dalton Jones (Yam); 5. Travis Bachman (Yam).

85 12-16 Open: 1. Richard Rinauro (Yam); 2. Greg Grouleff (Suz); 3. Justin Davis (Yam); 4. Jordin Collins (Hon); 5. Nash Anderson (Suz).

85 X: 1. Bryce Huffman (Yam); 2. Dylan Lane (Yam); 3. Daniel Reen (Yam); 4. Robbie Boggs (Yam); 5. Zane Tatum (Yam).

Supermini: 1. Bryce Huffman (Yam); 2. Dustin Pipes (Hon); 3. Richard Rinauro (Yam); 4. Dylan Lane (Yam); 5. Daniel Reen (Yam).

4-Stroke 90-150 Youth: 1. Charlie Pipes (Hon).

125 Youth: 1. Mike Alessi (Hon); 2. Jeff Alessi (Hon); 3. Derek White (Yam); 4. Wes Flippin (Yam); 5. Dustin Pipes (Hon).

125 Beg: 1. Corey Jordan (Hon); 2. Timmy Koppi (Yam); 3. Zane Tatum (Hon); 4. Jimmy Bennett (Kaw); 5. Brent Reyes (Suz).

125 Nov: 1. Steven Hembree (Yam); 2. Brent Maggi (Suz); 3. Wes Flippin (Yam); 4. Eric Ralls (Yam); 5. Dustin Pipes (Hon).

125 Nov (2): 1. Kevin Wells (Hon); 2. Robert Alquist (Yam); 3. Derek White (Yam); 4. Mike Wilson (Yam); 5. Bryan Merk (Yam).

125 Int: 1. Mike Alessi (Hon); 2. Jeff Alessi (Hon); 3. Shawn Burk (Hon); 4. Kyle Foltz (Yam); 5. Jonathan Camarena (Suz).

125 Pro: 1. Brian Hulsey (Suz); 2. Zac Baxter (Yam); 3. Aaron Bergantz (Yam).

250 Beg: 1. Corey Jordan (Hon); 2. Billy Couch (Suz); 3. Jimmy Bennett (Kaw); 4. Randy Ingle (Yam); 5. Sam Crippen (Hon).

250 Nov: 1. Steven Hembree (Yam); 2. Eric Ralls (Yam); 3. Craig Ranells (Hon); 4. E-Man Flores (Kaw); 5. Kevin Brooks (Yam).

250 Int: 1. Mike Alessi (Hon); 2. Jeff Alessi (Hon); 3. Jonathan Camarena (Suz); 4. Anthony Maniglia (Yam); 5. James Leon (Hon).

250 Pro: 1. Billy Jurevich (Hon); 2. Matt Gaines (Hon); 3. John Blair (Hon); 4. Aaron Bergantz (Yam); 5. Zac Baxter (Yam).

Vet Beg: 1. Mike Wilson (Yam); 2. Scott Greathouse (Yam); 3. Gerald Chiarito (Yam); 4. Paul Karr (Hon); 5. Sid Walter (KTM).

Vet Nov: 1. Rick Steiner (Hon); 2. Chris Blaufus (Suz); 3. David House (Suz); 4. Bryan Custer (Yam); 5. Salman Agah (Kaw).

Vet Int: 1. Craig King (Hon); 2. Craig Ranells (Hon); 3. Al Rush (Yam); 4. Anthony Mancha (Hon); 5. Roy Bowe (Yam).

Vet Pro: 1. John Blair (Hon); 2. Brett Brewer (Hon); 3. Johnny Souza (Hon).

OT Nov: 1. David House (Suz); 2. Mat Branch (Yam); 3. Mike Wilson (Yam); 4. Chris Blaufus (Suz); 5. Craig Heredia (Yam).

OT Int: 1. Craig Ranells (Hon); 2. Mark Hawkins (Suz); 3. Randy Piepkorn (Suz); 4. Pat Saugar (KTM); 5. Jeff Keller (Hon).

4-Stroke X: 1. Mike Alessi (Hon); 2. Jeff Alessi (Hon); 3. Kyle Foltz (Yam); 4. James Leon (Hon); 5. Weston Arthurs (Hon).

+30 X: 1. Johnny Souza (Hon); 2. Craig Ranells (Hon); 3. Rick Steiner (Hon); 4. Mark Hawkins (Suz); 5. Craig Heredia (Yam).

Sportsman X: 1. James Leon (Hon); 2. Brent Maggi (Suz); 3. AJ Maul (Suz); 4. Craig Ranells (Hon); 5. Lane Deril (Yam).

Pro Am: 1. Billy Jurevich (Hon); 2. Zac Baxter (Yam); 3. Brian Hulsey (Suz); 4. Jonathan Camarena (Suz); 5. James Leon (Hon).

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