Clawson Motorsports/CMA Bounty Hunter MX: Round 9

"Bounty Hunters Say Goodbye"


Madera Fairgrounds

Clawson Motorsports/CMA Bounty Hunter MX: Round 9

Story & Photos by Eddie Graveline




All good things must eventually come to an end and so it was for the Bounty Hunter series in early October. After running all over the state of California since the beginning of May, the blockbuster series was wrapping things up with a double header in Madera. Some of the riders looked a little peeked as the walked the freshly prepped track that Sunday morning. Almost all of them had spent the entire previous day racing on a specially built track inside Madera Speedway next door. After watching a great pro race, they headed back to their homes (or motor homes) for an abbreviated night's sleep.

With such a long series, it's only natural that rivalries developed in most of the classes. That was true all the way down to the greenest of the 50cc riders. The competitors in the First Timer class had a great battle to end the series. KTM rider Jordan Wisnoski came out of the gate strong and was able to win the first moto, just ahead of Sweet Pea De La Mora and Tony Gonzalez. Obviously looking to do the same thing in the second race, Wisnoski was met with more resistance the next time out. De La Mora ran toward the front as he had in most of the series and pulled out the moto win to clinch the overall victory. Gonzalez slipped by for second in the race, but Wisnoskiís 1-3 tally was enough for second overall.

A few of the 85cc classes featured very close racing up front. There were two divisions of 85 Beginners and riders were placed based on their positions in the series points standings. In other words, the top guys from all of the previous rounds were going head-to-head in the first division. Though there was movement in the top three in the two motos, the riders were the same. Honda rider Nick Mueller looked great in what was the first moto of the day. After early skirmishes, he rode on to take the checkered flag ahead of Jake Hjortland and Anthony Macera. The second moto was run under similar circumstances and the race for the lead was heated. In the end, Hjortland prevailed over Mueller. He took the overall by way of tiebreaker. Macera was third again, taking the same spot in the overall standings.

The 5-11-year-old Open class was another closely contested one. Joshua Diercks and Joseph Reynolds traded wins and second place finishes. Behind them, Mason Garcia and Austin McCall swapped third and fourth place rides. The final standings showed Diercks (2-1) on top, followed by Reynolds (1-2), Garcia (4-3) and McCall (3-4).

One final nod has to go to Intermediate class rider Greg Karmann, who broke his wrist at an earlier round in the series. He rode the final weekend with a cast still in place and managed to win the 125 Youth class and place second in 250 Intermediate competition on Sunday.

After Sunday's races, everyone celebrated and said their goodbyes at the series awards banquet.






50 1st Timer: 1. Sweet Pea De La Mora (KTM); 2. Jordon Wisnoski (KTM); 3. Tony Gonzalez (Yam); 4. Kelby Jecker (Hon); 5. Nicholas Napoli (Yam).

50 Beg: 1. Tyler Amos (KTM); 2. Tristan Marseilles (KTM); 3. Levi Walker (Cob); 4. Chance Souza (Pol); 5. Noah Munson (KTM).

XR50: 1. Carly McCall (Hon); 2. Erika Ward (Hon).

50 Nov: 1. Tyler Hjortland (KTM); 2. Tommy Stevens (Pol); 3. Luke Gruetzmacher (KTM); 4. Daniel De La Mora (KTM); 5. Bubba Ward (KTM).

50 Int: 1. Nicholas Templeton (KTM); 2. Callion McHaney (Cob).

50 5-6 Open: 1. Tyler Amos (KTM); 2. Devin Heard (KTM); 3. Callion McHaney (Cob); 4. Chance Souza (Pol); 5. Sweet Pea De La Mora (KTM).

50 7-8 Open: 1. Tyler Hjortland (KTM); 2. Nicholas Templeton (KTM); 3. Tommy Stevens (Pol); 4. Bubba Ward (KTM); 5. Luke Gruetzmacher (KTM).

Outlaw 50 Mod: 1. Dalton Wilbur (Hon); 2. Anthony Macera (Hon).

Outlaw 9-12: 1. Mason Garcia (Yam); 2. Joaquin Gonzalez (Hon); 3. Chase Lopate (Hon); 4. Brandon Orr (Hon).

65 5-8 Beg: 1. James Sacher (KTM); 2. Tommy Stevens (Suz); 3. William McHaney (Suz); 4. Dakota Owen (Kaw); 5. Logan Baker (KTM).

65 9-11 Beg: 1. Dalton Spjut (KTM); 2. Ryan Flores (KTM); 3. Joaquin Gonzalez (Suz); 4. Justin Jones (KTM); 5. Bruce Mau (Suz).

65 Nov: 1. Anthony Amos (KTM); 2. Rio Contreras (KTM); 3. Austin Burmeister (Suz); 4. Justin Brown (Kaw); 5. Miles Daniele (Suz).

65 Int: 1. Joseph Reynolds (KTM).

65 5-8 Open: 1. James Sacher (KTM).

65 9-11 Open: Anthony Amos (KTM); 2. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 3. Tyler Nicholson (KTM); 4. Rio Contreras (KTM); 5. Brandon Orr (KTM).

65 X: 1. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 2. Anthony Amos (KTM); 3. Tyler Nicholson (KTM); 4. Justin Brown (Kaw); 5. Austin Burmeister (Suz).

85 Beg: 1. Jake Hjortland (Yam); 2. Nick Mueller (Hon); 3. Anthony Macera (Suz); 4. Michael Furlin (Suz); 5. Daniel Vandevanter (Yam).

85 Beg (2): 1. Joshua Diercks (Kaw); 2. Taylor McCullough (Yam); 3. Austin McCall (Yam); 4. Eduardo Garcia (Hon); 5. Justin Sweet (Hon).

85 Nov: 1. Kyle Kessinger (Yam); 2. Michael Orr (Yam); 3. Joaquin Vasquez (Yam); 4. Robbie Boggs (Yam).

85 5-11 Open: 1. Joshua Diercks (Kaw); 2. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 3. Mason Garcia (Yam); 4. Austin McCall (Yam); 5. Taylor McCullough (Yam).

85 12-16 Open: 1. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 2. Kyle Kessinger (Yam); 3. Robbie Boggs (Yam); 4. Michael Orr (Yam); 5. Jake Hjortland (Yam).

85 X: 1. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 2. Kyle Kessinger (Yam); 3. Michael Orr (Yam); 4. Robbie Boggs (Yam); 5. Joaquin Vasquez (Yam).

4-Stroke Youth: 1. Dalton Wilbur (Hon); 2. Garrett Amos (Yam); 3. Thomas Marquez (Yam); 4. Colton Garcia (Yam); 5. Austin McCall (Yam).

125 Youth: 1. Greg Karmann (Yam); 2. Seth Hickman (Hon); 3. Michael Dunnagan (Yam); 4. Dustin Pipes (Kaw); 5. Ryan Bush (Hon).

125 Beg: 1. Michael Basile (Yam); 2. Nick Gonion (Kaw); 3. Ryan Theisen (Hon); 4. Drew Vandevanter (Yam); 5. Phil Franco (Hon).

125 Beg (2): 1. Nick Marmolejo (Hon); 2. Tyler Boeddeker (Yam); 3. Anthony Stoops (Hon); 4. Ted Bergen (Hon); 5. Carson Thorp (Yam).

125 Nov: 1. Seth Hickman (Hon); 2. Nathan Brock (Yam); 3. Corey Jordan (Hon); 4. Kyle Hogan (Hon); 5. Ryan Leebelt (Yam).

125 Int: 1. Dustin Pipes (Kaw); 2. Eric Ralls (Yam); 3. Ryan Bush (Hon); 4. Greg Karmann (Yam); 5. Jeremy Baeza (Hon).

125 Pro: 1. Justin Buckelew (Hon).

250 Beg: 1. Ryan Theisen (Hon); 2. Troy Brown (Hon); 3. Phil Franco (Hon); 4. Kris Shaw (Yam); 5. Eddie Graveline (Hon).

250 Nov: 1. Nathan Brock (Yam); 2. Ryan Leebelt (Yam); 3. Craig Ranells (Hon); 4. Allen Woodward (Hon); 5. Craig Heredia (Hon).

250 Int: 1. Eric Ralls (Yam); 2. Greg Karmann (Yam); 3. Jeremy Baeza (Hon).

Vet Beg: 1. Gerald Chiarito (Yam); 2. Richard Lansden (Yam); 3. Keith Swank (Kaw).

Vet Nov: 1. Jeff Theisen (Hon); 2. Matt Silva (Yam); 3. Mike Antles (Yam); 4. Craig Heredia (Hon); 5. William Sweet (Hon).

Vet Int: 1. Craig Ranells (Hon).

Vet Pro: 1. Robbie Baker (KTM).

OT Nov: 1. Craig Heredia (Hon); 2. John Shaw (Yam).

OT Int: 1. Craig Ranells (Hon); 2. Greg Douglas (Hon).

+30 X: 1. Craig Ranells (Hon); 2. Matt Silva (Yam); 3. Donny O'keefe (Hon); 4. Jeff Theisen (Hon); 5. Mike Antles (Yam).

Sportsman X: 1. Dustin Pipes (Kaw); 2. Michael Basile (Yam); 3. Drew Vandevanter (Yam).



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