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Syndicate Scholarship
The Syndicate and its Sponsors Reach Out to Inner City Schools

The Syndicate is proud to announce the launching of a scholarship program that will focus on rewarding academic excellence in inner city schools throughout Central California. With the cooperation of the California Motorcycle Association and support from all race team sponsors, the scholarship program will set age-appropriate goals for students and provide rewards to those that achieve them.

The first scholarship challenge was issued to a second grade class at Fremont Elementary School in Fresno during the last school year. The entire class was given the goal of learning 1000 spelling words before the end of the year—a lofty goal to say the least. Two young men named Alex and Kane rose to the occasion and completed their testing in the final weeks of the school year.

Their reward? The boys will be honored at this weekend’s CMA/Clawson Motorsports California Supercross at Grizzlies Stadium in Fresno. They will be made honorary members of The Syndicate Racing team, hang out with the riders and be presented with goodies from team sponsors.

“The scholarship program is unique in that it accomplishes multiple objectives”, explains Syndicate founder Eddie Graveline. “It provides an incentive for academic excellence while exposing new fans to the sport of motocross. Most kids view motocross as one of the coolest sports on earth, but the ones we’re reaching would probably never get to attend a live event, much less hang out with one of the teams. It’s a great way to cross promote the sport and do something meaningful in the community.”

The Syndicate will continue to issue scholastic challenges to students of all ages. School administrators have welcomed the program with open arms and the kids themselves are ecstatic. If you know of a particular school or classroom that may benefit from this program, please contact The Syndicate using the contact information at the top of this release.


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