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2005 ama Supercross/motocross national numbers announced


PICKERINGTON, Ohio (Sept. 22, 2004) -- AMA Pro Racing has announced rider numbers for competitors in the 2005 AMA THQ Supercross Series and AMA Chevrolet Motocross Championship.

National numbers are based on a system that allows past champions, current champions and riders who have earned a top-10 national ranking, to select and retain the same number from year to year. This system was established in 2002.

Riders like Travis Pastrana (199), Jeremy McGrath (2), Mike LaRocco (5), Ricky Carmichael (4), and James Stewart (259), are all known by their rider number.

“There’s a promotional value associated with a rider keeping a particular number,” said Steve Whitelock, AMA Pro Racing’s Motocross/Supercross series manager. “This allows the rider and his sponsors to develop an identifiable mark in connection with his image.”

Current AMA National Champions can carry the No. 1 plate. Numbers 2 through 9 are reserved for past National Champions in active competition, or they may select any available number. Riders ranked in the top-10 in combined Supercross and Motocross points can choose a Career Number from 10-999 which they keep until they withdraw from competition or fail to earn a National point. Riders outside the top-10 in combined points are assigned consecutive numbers through 99 based on year-end points, but can request a higher triple-digit number when applying for their 2005 license. Riders outside the top-99 can keep their 2004 racing numbers by renewing their AMA Pro Racing licenses for the 2005 season before Nov. 20, 2004.




2* Jeremy McGrath, Encinitas, CA

3* Mike Brown, Johnson City, TN

4* Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL

5* Mike LaRocco, South Bend, IN

6* Steve Lamson, Camino, CA

8* Grant Langston, Temecula, CA

11* Ezra Lusk, Bainbridge, GA

12* David Vuillemin, Murrieta, CA

13** Heath Voss, Mico, TX

14* Kevin Windham, Centreville, MS

15* Tim Ferry, Largo, FL

16* John Dowd, Ludlow, MA

17* Robbie Reynard, Oklahoma City, OK

18* Brock Sellards, Sherrodsville, OH

20* Damon Huffman, Valencia, CA

21* Stephane Roncada, Lake Elsinore, CA

22* Chad Reed, Menifee, CA

23* Kyle Lewis, Henderson, NV

24* Ernesto Fonseca, Murrieta, CA

25* Nathan Ramsey, Menifee, CA

26** Michael Byrne, Temecula, CA

27* Nick Wey, Dewitt, MI

28 Sean Hamblin, Murrieta, CA

29 Matt Walker, McDonough, GA

30 Ivan Tedesco, Murrieta, CA

31 Danny L Smith, Middleton, ID

32 Davey Millsaps, Cairo, GA

33 Jason Thomas, Melrose, FL

34 Christopher Gosselaar, Victorville, CA

35 Josh Grant, Yucaipa, CA

36 Troy Adams, Brooksville, FL

37 Ryan Mills, Clintondale, NY

38 Ryan Clark, Corrales, NM

39 Kelly D Smith, Ludington, MI

40 Greg Schnell, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

41 Craig Anderson, Riverside, CA

42 Joaquim Rodrigues, Murrieta, CA

43 Ryan Hughes, Temecula, CA

44 Paul Carpenter, Ithaca, NY

45 Brett Metcalfe, Murrieta, CA

46 Clark Stiles, Athens, AL

47 Tyler Evans, Canyon Lake, CA

48 Brian Gray, Camillus, NY

49 Daryl Hurley, Corona, CA

50 Rodrig Thain, Temecula, CA

51 Andrew Short, Murrieta, CA

52 Keith R Johnson, Albuquerque, NM

53 James Povolny, Mendota Hgts, MN

54 Jeff Gibson, Westerville, OH

55 Joe Oehlhof, Hesperia, CA

56 Isaiah Johnson, Albuquerque, NM

57 Erick Vallejo, Dallas, TX

58 Johnny Aubert, Lake Elsinore, CA

59 Tim Weigand, Chatsworth, CA

60** Broc Hepler, Kittanning, PA

61 Joshua Summey, Stanley, NC

62 Eric Sorby, Murrieta, CA

63 Casey Johnson, Lake Elsinore, CA

64 Sean Collier, Santa Clarita, CA

65 Ryan Sipes, Vine Grove, KY

66 Thomas Hahn, Belpre, KS

67 Rusty Holland, Clovis, CA

68 Branden Jesseman, Dewitt, IA

69 Mike Alessi, Apple Valley, CA

70 Travis Preston, Hesperia, CA

71 Joshua Hansen, Elbert, CO

72 Jean Sebastian Roy, Acton Vale, PQ Canada

73 Justin Buckelew, Riverside, CA

74 Michael Blose, Phoenix, AZ

75 Ritchie Owens, Wildomar, CA

76 Ryan Morais, Turlock, CA

77 Matthew Goerke, Lake Helen, FL

78 Ted Campbell, Mesa, AZ

79 Keith S Johnson, Carver, MA

80 Doug Dehaan, Thorndale, ON, Canada

81 Tom Hofmaster, Pearl City, IL

82 Blair Morgan, Prince Albert, SK

83 Brian K Johnson, Cairo, GA

84 Tyson Hadsell, Hudson, FL

85 Bruce Stratton, Clifton Springs, FL

86 Ryan Abrigo, Snohomish, WA

87 Turbo Reif, Atascadero, CA

88 Nicolas Evennou, Kensington, MD

89 Kevin W Johnson, Albuquerque, NM

90 Brian Mason, Belleville, IL

91 Joshua Woods, Flint, MI

92 Mike Corder, El Cajon, CA

93 Gavin Gracyk, Coshocton, OH

94 Brad Modjewski, Hatley, WI

95 Matthieu Lalloz, Murrieta, CA

96 Jim Neese, Julian, NC

97 Robert Kiniry, Skaneateles, NY

98 Evan Laughridge, San Jacinto, CA

99 Donnie McGourty, Floral City, FL

103* Sebastien Tortelli, Lake Elsinore, CA

199* Travis Prastana, Davidsonville, MD

259* James Stewart, Haines City, FL

* Career Numbers

**New Career Numbers earned for 2005


These numbers are subject to change. Visit www.USMotocross.com for the finalized list of National Numbers as they are assigned after the Nov. 20, 2004 deadline.

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