CMA Pacific Coast Pro-Am: Round 5-Central

“Taking a Toll”

Porterville OHV Park
CMA Pacific Coast Pro-Am: Round 5-Central
Story & Photos by Eddie Graveline

As racers filed into the pit area of the Porterville OHV Park for round 5 of the California Motorcycle Associationís wildly popular Pacific Coast Pro-Am series, the first real signs of fatigue were becoming evident. The previous four rounds had featured huge rider turnouts, long days and rough tracks. The series was taking its toll, but no one said motocross was for the weak at heart, and no one was complaining. There were thousands of dealer dollars at stake, and tired or not, it didnít look like anyone would be throwing the towel in.

The heat came early to central California this year, and round 5 seemed to land on one of the hottest days to date. The track, which is a popular year-round practice facility for local riders, was updated with a few changes intended to make it a little more race-friendly. For that matter, it seemed to work out well as the motos moved at a good pace. Still, with several hundred entrants, the last moto didnít finish until very close to sundown.

The 125 Novice class got its usually high rider turnout and provided some interesting action. Several riders would have benefited from a one-moto format, as they had one great outing to go along with a poor one. Consistency paid off for Yamaha rider Josh Mason, who ended up second in both motos. He finished ahead of the first race winner, Ryan Bush, who followed with a 5th place run in the final. Kevin Brooks came from a 9th place finish in the first, to third in the second. He ended up completing the top three. Clawson Motorsportsí Nicolas Baker had a forgettable 18th place finish in the first race, but came back and dominated the final, running away with the win. He salvaged a 9th place overall for the day.

The battle for the 250cc Beginner class championship heated up when a couple of the usual suspects locked horns in both races. Corey Jordan had been the most consistent coming into the Porterville round, but Sam Crippen was never far off the pace. In a tight first-heat battle, Crippen proved that he would be a factor in the series by edging Jordan for the win. The second race came down to the same two, but saw a reversal of positions. By tiebreaker, Jordan took the overall, but Crippen had served notice nonetheless. Randy Ingle (another consistently fast member of the class) wound up third with 3-4 finishes.

All series long, the 250 Novice division had featured some interesting dynamics within the races. There were a handful of young guns as well as a couple of vet and OT age riders going head-to-head up front every week. Eric Ralls, Josh Mason, Steven Hembree and Larry Vasquez were headlining the youth movement, while Craig ìRappoî Ranells and Craig King represented the old and crusty. Ralls performed with authority, sweeping both motos and taking the overall. Behind him, Mason and Ranells split third place finishes. Ranells posted a fifth in the final race and dropped to third overall. Hembree went 5-4 for fourth and yet another vet racer, Roy Bowe, rounded out the top five. Ralls had the upper hand, but the old guys werenít going anywhere.

By the end of the day, there were more than a few dragging feet, but the real work was yet to come. The championship weekend loomed ahead and, being a 2-day, 5-moto-per-class event, would be the biggest endurance test yet.

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After a hard-luck first moto, Nick Baker (300) came roaring back to win the second one in the 125cc Novice class.
Ryan Bush (239) leads the 125cc Novice class into the first turn.
Shane Brown (20) and Larry Vasquez (777) had a good battle going during the first 125 Novice moto.


50 1st Timer: 1. Tristan Marseilles (KTM); 2. Levi Walker (Cob); 3. Kristin Howard (Pol); 4. Sweet Pea De La Mora (KTM); 5. Tanner Scogin (KTM).

50 Shaft Drive: 1. Renae Boggs (Yam); 2. Carly McCall (Yam).

50 Beg: 1. Brianne James (LEM); 2. Zane Caulk (KTM); 3. Callion McHaney (Cob); 4. Kaleb Kessinger (KTM); 5. Austin Wallingford (KTM).

50 Nov: 1. Jack Hamilton (KTM); 2. Nicholas Templeton (KTM); 3. Rhett Gonzalez (KTM); 4. Tyler Hjortland (KTM); 5. Tommy Stevens (LEM).

50 Int: 1. Michael Maze (KTM).

50 5-6 Open: 1. Brianne James (LEM); 2. Levi Walker (KTM); 3. Callion McHaney (Cob); 4. Adam Hulsey (Pol); 5. Chance Souza (Pol).

50 7-8 Open: 1. Tyler Hjortland (KTM); 2. Jack Hamilton (KTM); 3. Nicholas Templeton (KTM); 4. Rhett Gonzalez (KTM); 5. Tommy Stevens (LEM).

Outlaw 50 Stock: 1. Robbie Boggs (Hon); 2. Jonathan Camarena (Hon); 3. Seth Hughes (Yam); 4. K. Mirain (Hon).

Outlaw 50 Mod: 1. Nicolas Baker (Hon).

Outlaw 50 Youth: 1. Weston Roberts (Hon); 2. Tanner Simons (Hon); 3. Kylie Colburn (Hon); 4. Danielle Stacy (Hon).

65 5-8 Beg: 1. Nelson Roberts; 2. Dalton Spjut (KTM); 3. Bryce Stroud (Suz); 4. Daniel De La Mora (Kaw); 5. William McHaney (Suz).

65 9-11 Beg: 1. Brandon Orr (KTM); 2. Garrett Schasteen (Suz); 3. Ryan Bryant (Kaw); 4. Kody Maldonado (Kaw); 5. Jordin Collins (KTM).

65 Nov: 1. Landon Sullivan (KTM); 2. Tyler Wymore (Suz); 3. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 4. Justin Brown (Kaw); 5. AJ Lauzon (KTM).

65 Int: 1. Kyle Tigert (KTM); 2. Michael Maze (KTM).

65 5-8 Open: 1. Michael Maze (KTM); 2. Zach Leach (KTM); 3. Daniel De La Mora (Kaw).

65 9-11 Open: 1. Kyle Tigert (KTM); 2. Seth Hughes; 3. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 4. Landon Sullivan (KTM); 5. Tyler Wymore (Suz).

65 X: 1. Kyle Tigert (KTM); 2. Michael Maze (KTM); 3. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 4. Justin Brown (Kaw); 5. Tyler Wymore (Suz).

85 Beg: 1. Stephen Peretto (Kaw); 2. Kyle Walgamotte (Suz); 3. Jake Hjortland (Yam); 4. Michael Furlin (Suz); 5. Nick Mueller (Hon).

85 Beg (2): 1. Cody Olmsted (Hon); 2. Brett Parr (Hon); 3. Josh Tiger (Yam); 4. Anthony Joy (Yam); 5. Mason Garcia (Yam).

85 Nov: 1. Tanner Sisson (Suz); 2. Kyle Tigert (Suz); 3. Dustin Moody (Suz); 4. Christian Kinney (Yam); 5. Kyle Kessinger (Yam).

85 Int: 1. Dustin Pipes (Hon).

85 5-11 Open: 1. Kyle Tigert (Suz); 2. Stephen Peretto (Kaw); 3. Mason Garcia (Yam).

85 12-16 Open: 1. Topher Ingalls (Yam); 2. Dustin Pipes (Hon); 3. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 4. Tanner Sisson (Suz); 5. Dustin Moody (Suz).

85 X: 1. Topher Ingalls (Yam); 2. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 3. Kyle Kessinger (Yam); 4. Dustin Moody (Suz); 5. Matt Dungan (Suz).

Supermini: 1. Topher Ingalls (Yam); 2. Dustin Pipes (Hon); 3. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 4. Tanner Sisson (Suz); 5. Dustin Moody (Suz).

125 Youth: 1. Casey Hinson (Suz); 2. Austin Ingalls (Yam); 3. Kevin Wageman (Hon); 4. Michael Dunnagan (Yam); 5. Brandon Bryant (Yam).

125 Beg: 1. Corey Jordan (Hon); 2. Jackie Ives (Yam); 3. Kyle Hogan (Hon); 4. Kent Kniffen (Yam); 5. Greg Grouleff (Suz).

125 Beg (2): 1. Casey Howard (Hon); 2. Brad Ely (Yam); 3. Brent Reyes (Suz); 4. Rydane Dixon (Yam); 5. Jared Aseltine (Hon).

125 Nov: 1. Josh Mason (Yam); 2. Ryan Bush (Hon); 3. Kevin Brooks (Yam); 4. AJ Maul (Suz); 5. Jon Davies (Kaw).

125 Int: 1. Jonathan Camarena (Suz); 2. Kevin Wageman (Hon); 3. Austin Ingalls (Yam); 4. Joel Roberts (Yam); 5. Casey Hinson (Suz).

125 Pro: 1. Leo Tidwell (Hon); 2. Zac Baxter (Suz).

17-29 Open: 1. David Caetano (Kaw); 2. Jeff Sanderson (KTM); 3. Sam Crippen (Hon).

250 Beg: 1. Corey Jordan (Hon); 2. Sam Crippen (Hon); 3. Randy Ingle (Yam); 4. Kent Kniffen (Yam); 5. Filippo Zito (Hon).

250 Nov: 1. Eric Ralls (Yam); 2. Josh Mason (Yam); 3. Craig Ranells (Hon); 4. Steven Hembree (Yam); 5. Roy Bowe (Yam).

250 Int: 1. Jonathan Camarena (Suz); 2. Austin Ingalls (Yam); 3. Michael Bunyea (Suz); 4. Jeff Merrill (Hon); 5. Dustin Hampton (Hon).

250 Pro: 1. Paul Temmerman (Hon); 2. Dieter Temmerman (Hon); 3. John Blair (Hon); 4. Zac Baxter (Suz).

Vet Beg: 1. Shannon Brown (Hon); 2. Shawn Cotton (Yam); 3. James Mathis (Yam); 4. Thomas Thompson (Yam); 5. Cameron Colburn (Hon).

Vet Nov: 1. Jerry Campbell (Hon); 2. Mike Johnson (Yam); 3. Rick Steiner (Hon); 4. Jeff Thiesen (Hon); 5. Jeff Baxter (Hon).

Vet Int: 1. Jeff Merrill (Hon); 2. Roy Bowe (Yam); 3. Craig Ranells (Hon); 4. Stanley Boling (Hon); 5. Craig King (Hon).

OT Nov: 1. Mike Chauncey (Hon); 2. Mike Wilson (Yam); 3. Craig Heredia (Yam); 4. Frank Pilg (KTM); 5. David House (Suz).

OT Int: 1. Craig Ranells (Hon); 2. Ron Williams (Yam); 3. Jeff Baxter (Hon); 4. Randy Piepkorn (Suz); 5. Mark Hawkins (Suz).

Women: 1. Sherri Cruse (Hon); 2. Jessy Arthurs (Hon); 3. Jackie Ives (Yam).

+30 X: 1. Jeff Merrill (Hon); 2. Mike Johnson (Yam); 3. Craig Ranells (Hon); 4. Tim Delcid (Hon); 5. Naea Hughes (Yam).

Sportsman X: 1. Larry Vasquez (Hon); 2. Mike Wilson (Yam); 3. Allen Woodward (Hon); 4. Kyle Stacy (Yam); 5. John Hoffman (Yam).

Pro-Am: 1. Paul Temmerman (Hon); 2. Jonathan Camarena (Suz); 3. Zac Baxter (Yam); 4. John Blair (Hon); 5. Craig King (Hon).

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